You’ve already got what you need

I used to think I needed to be more outgoing.

The world loves the outgoing. Bubbly and fun. I wanted to be them. But I am quiet, softer, a natural introvert. This is who I am.

demonstrationMom trained me to be an extrovert. She signed me up for showing our llamas at the State Fair and the 4-H Demonstration Club. I put together a seven minute memorized speech and practiced for months. At first I hated it. But Mom taught me once I got comfortable, it’s possible to like what I used to hate. I found my inner presenter of awesomeness. I found a piece of me that just needed activation. It needed the right training and environment to pop. I can still turn that piece of me on when I need it. It has helped me many times in large groups and presentations.

Do you wish you could add in a piece of yourself? Like downloading a new app? Like a piece that is confident, sexy or can easily speak your truth?

Last year I spoke with a woman in sales. She felt timid around others and didn’t want to be pushy….not so great for someone in sales. I asked her connect to her warrior within, the one who was confident and knew how to hold her boundaries instead of getting walked over. I had her do some exercises to find that piece of herself. She emailed me the following week and shared how she enrolled a client because of our conversation. She found that confidence within. It was never outside of her. It was just a piece that needed activation.

We can find the pieces we need.

I’ve known most of my life I’ve was meant to work with women. I knew I was meant to serve, but I didn’t know how that would look. When I thought of leading workshops or retreats for women circles, the idea was exciting, but at the same time I couldn’t picture me doing that. I felt too small to do that.

Enter my alter ego (aka Diva Dawn).

Six years ago I took a painting and writing program led by Shiloh Sophia called Legend. In this class she had us find our Legendary Self… Who we’d be if we weren’t afraid, who we would be if we didn’t worry about what others thought of us. Enter Diva Dawn. She loved hot pink and glitter. She knew her voice. She was powerful, a priestess, a warrior, a queen. Over this course, I learned how to access this side of myself. I learned to how to hold sacred space. I found the part of me who loved being with people, the part that fed off the energy of others. I embraced my fun, adventurous side.

groupwildWhen I lead retreats, work with coaching clients or hop on interviews I use the energy of Diva Dawn. Some people think she is not the real me, but like I said in my lastest blog post about Keeping It Real, there are many sides to me. And Diva Dawn is just one part.

If you could shift one area of your life, what would it be? Your job? A love relationship? Your relationship with your kids? How you show up?

If you’d like to find shift, consider joining me and my fellow teacher Shiloh Sophia in the next offering of Legend. We are connecting with our Legend (aka alter ego of awesomeness), painting her (a HUGE painting), writing her story, and birthing her into being. You’ll find a missing piece you didn’t know was missing and learn how to integrate her in your life. You’ll find resources you never knew you already had.

LEGEND 2015Maybe you’ll find your confidence, your sexy side, your bold or quiet self….


Meanwhile, no need to wait. Share one piece of yourself you’d like to activate and 1 way you can tap into that energy. 


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