You’re gonna be scared anyways. Might as well have something to show for it.

Sunday I was attending the Color of Woman Graduation online for the class of 2016 from my laptop (yay for Livestreams) and I heard poet, activist (and school founder Shiloh Sophia’s mom) Caron McCloud say,


“You’re gonna be scared anyways. Might was well have something to show for it.”


Let that sink in.


Fear is a part of any great change.


If you are doing something out of the box,
Different from those around you.
If you are affecting change,
Standing for revolution or love or the planet.
If you are committed to art, creativity, human rights.


If you are standing up and putting yourself out there, there is a good chance of rejection and judgement. And yeah, that’s scary.


I’ve been scared every new step I’ve taken.
Scared painting my first painting.
Spending time and money on myself.
Scared sharing my first piece with my friends.
Hanging my first painting in a gallery.
Scared entering my first art show.
Painting my first commission piece
Scared holding my first solo show
Starting my first website
Scared selling my first print
Holding my first workshop
Scared doing my first online interview series
Working with my first private clients.
Scared doing my first painting class online.
Holding my first online retreat.
Scared doing a large live event.
Group coaching online.
Collaborating with partners.


If you’re going to start anything new, there will be a first. And it will be scary.
And even if you’ve done something for a while, there are new levels of scary. Yes, I’ve led live events for 50. When I think of leading a room of 500 women painting together live, it’s scary. And I’m going there anyways. I can either be scared and avoid it or be okay with being scared and focus on the 500 women whose lives will be changed forever.


I talk to women every day who want to make a difference. But they are scared. It may be art classes for kids. Retreats for women’s empowerment. A book to share memoirs. Movement workshops for healthy bodies. Art to heal and touch the soul. Starting a creative business.


The thing is, it is scary if you do it,
And it’s scary if you just think about it.
And even scarier if you do nothing,
And feel the regret of not listening to that calling.
“Might as well have something to show for it.”


I want to know, what are you scared of? And what do you want to show for it? Share with me below and comment.


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