Xena Warrior Princess is kicking my schedule’s ass


How can you live in a way that is nourishing to your spirit AND gets stuff done?

My business has felt more and more draining the past few months. So I had a call with my business coach to fix it. I told her about my struggle between what I saw as two different ways of being in the world… the masculine and feminine. I shared how I feel drained when I use the masculine in my business… making things happening, pushing managing and sales. I’m a creative introvert and I want to follow the feminine path of intuition, grace and ease. My coach is really good at sniffing out my bullshit.

tonyandamberWhen she started digging a little, it wasn’t about being too masculine in my business. It was about being too masculine in my LIFE. 


Masculine is doing, achieving, pushing and managing. Feminine is being, flowing, receiving and trusting. We need BOTH to thrive.

If we are too masculine, we’ll burn out. If we are too feminine, we’ll never get anything done.


My coach had me look at my time… when I was strategizing, planning, organizing, managing. I saw most of my day felt that way.

I am in my masculine when telling my kids what to do, getting them ready for school, or doing homework. I am in masculine when I am deciding what to make for dinner, shopping, or planning my schedule. Many times I’m even in masculine mode with my husband when all I really want to do is let go and surrender. I’m still controlling, my brain is running and I can’t let go and just receive. Ugh.

In my business, I am in my masculine when checking off my to do list, making phone calls, replying to emails, making sales and just getting things done. That is most of my time. What happens is there is ALWAYS more stuff on my to do list. If I don’t cut myself off from work, I’ll continue all day. Working just somehow seems more important than nourishing myself… sipping tea, watching the clouds pass or journaling. And yet, working all day doesn’t feel yummy for me.


I started looking at how much of my day I spent in feminine mode. How much time was I creating, visioning, turning inward to my spirit? How much time was I playing and having fun? How much time was I being present?

Sadly, not a lot.

When I started thinking about it, my feminine side was serving my masculine side. What I need is my masculine to serving my feminine. And then I had a vision…

Xena warrior Princess, kick ass, strong, and super sexy.

I need a little Xena masculine energy to guard and protect my feminine side, to be present and not let myself get sidetracked by Facebook or my to do list. I need to fiercely protect my time and my feminine space. Why? I want to be present with my kids, feminine and sexy with my husband, receptive to my intuitive spirit, wild, free, and fun.

So, Xena warrior Princess is taking over my schedule.

I have office hours. I only check my email twice a day. I have sacred time in the morning. Yes, this may feel constricting, but at the same time it’s wildly freeing. I’m creating space for freedom. I see what 100% flow does to my relationships, business and schedule. Not so pretty.

So I want to ask you…

What are you going to start fiercely protecting? 


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