Woman Unleashed Summer Retreat is Here

Last week I shared my struggle / recommitment cycle of my self-care and learning lessons (or not) the first time. Well, a couple times a year I do something big to help EVERYONE in our community take extra good care of themselves. It’s baaaaackkkkk….


 The Woman Unleashed Online Retreat~ Summer Session

>> Click here to come with me

fantasy fairy

I’m ready for a reTREAT. We’ll be doing Art + Journaling + Dance + Yoga + Mini Workshop sessions to reconnect with our intuition, creativity and passion. Session guides are led by artists, teachers, speakers, authors and healer from all over the world. (I’m bringing back a couple favorites from last session)

It is easy to come along. You don’t need to pack a bag, travel halfway around the world, find a sitter for your kids (or pets), or even leave your home. You get a retreat that will fit around your schedule and best of all, it is my gift to you. No cost.

If you are working too hard and know you need a rest before you (crash &) burn (out), are feeling drained, or wanting to reconnect with your fun, playful side,

Reserve your spot in the retreat now

Sending you a big kiss and see you there!
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