When somethings wrong, go with it

Yesterday I was feeling like this.


In the past I’d to ride the emotional see-saw and think something was wrong with me… why can’t I feel happy? If I was feeling sad or grey I would think, I need to fix this… I would wonder, How long it will it last this time?

I’ve learned to ride the wave. I’ve learned my natural rhythm goes up and down. When I’m energized, I take that energy and go. When my energy drops, I tune inwards. I go to my cave.

We can’t be on 100%, pushing 100%. We have to create space. We have to tune out the noises around us in order to hear the calling of our heart, to hear what our body needs.

That is what listening to emotions is all about, listening to the deeper messages. Sometimes when I listen to my emotions they feel good. They tell me I have plenty of energy. They tell me its time for connection. Other times they are telling me something else… like I need to be alone, I need to sleep, I need to slow down.

Sometimes my emotions are completely inconvenient. They don’t fit in my productivity schedule. Emotions would be awesome… like not when I’m trying to get anything done.

​Sometimes emotions are a surprise. Like how I felt bummed after wrapping up the latest Woman Unleashed Retreat when I should have been celebrating… or after my wedding when I should have been celebrating wedded life with my hubby.

​The thing is it isn’t really a surprise. Its the rhythm again.​

​Reminding me to slowwwww down.

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So what message is your emotion telling you today?
When was the last time you listened to your natural rhythm?
What is 1 thing it is telling you to do?

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