What Would You Do with 24 Hours Left?

This week has been amazing. I have been launching the Woman Unleashed Online Retreat and connecting with thousands of women from around the world. This time I am really working on RECEIVING the goodness as it happens. (If you’re in the retreat, you get an Amber bonus today).

This week I wanted to share my heart while recording a session with my beautiful friend and soul sister Bec Robbins when she asked me, If you had only 24 hours left to live, what would you do with your time?

And then I really thought about it
What would I do with my time? 
The first thing that came to me was creating a yummy experience for my kids… maybe a swim with dolphins and fishing.
Then I remembered when my mom passed away and what I wished… I wished for messages or letters from her with her advice on dating, messages for me on my wedding and the day I became a mother. I’d leave love notes for my boys.
I’d make sure my husband knew I adored him more than anything.
24 hours. That’s it.
So what changes in the midst of living life?
Somehow in between knowing what I’d do with 24 hours left to live to actually living life, things get a little convoluted.
How can I keep what is MOST important in my mind in the midst of kids arguing, piles of homework, clients, bills, husband, friends? How can I keep perspective?
  My hubby and Grandma… Loves of my life
Only by setting my priorities over and over again. This is what it looks like…
  • Setting the alarm on my calendar every week to call my Grandma
  • Scheduling my workday so it ends so I can be home with my kids after school
  • Setting aside dates with my hubby for intimacy and connection
  • Writing blogposts weekly to you (have I told you lately I LOVE you)
  • Texting my girlfriends to check in and let them know I’m thinking about them
  • Putting my phone on Do Not Disturb after my workday end
So often my mind is on what I am doing instead of my loving relationships. That is my pull off center, my pull away from what I’d do with 24 hours left to live. It is the knowing with my head versus the knowing with my heart.
Can you relate?
Do you ever know what is most important but don’t make it a priority?
Here is from one woman to another who doesn’t always do what I know is most important… let’s keep reminding each other. This is my reminder to YOU.
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