Want to Be More Productive? Take a break.

You know what its like when you’re working on a project or deadline and after a while your energy starts to drop?

What would normally take you 2 seconds takes you 15-20 minutes?

In this video you’ll learn how to STAY in the flow and be productive.

Last week I was in the airport bookstore browsing magazines and I noticed an article in Entrepreneur Magazine talking about how people are MORE productive when they take time off.

***WHOA!!! GIANT BIG Hot Pink Permission Slip***

If you want to increase your productivity, you need to stop and give yourself some breaks.

All day I have been shooting videos for the Reawakened Woman Painting Program. I am on a part of the painting called Tending where I go through and make sure to put in all the details, making sure everything is just right. It takes an enormous amount of time and I like to think of it as a meditation and intimacy practice… getting really intimate with my painting.

I noticed at one point I was starting to get tired. I wasn’t as focused. Things were slipping. I wasn’t connected to my painting anymore. I was zoning out.

Here’s what I did to shift it: I went for a run. This is what I have my students do when I hold a retreat.  No, I don’t have them run, but I DO have them move…  get out of their heads into their bodies.

If you are feeling stagnant, activate a different type of energy.

If you are constantly using your mind, it is important to activate your body. If you are really physical, stop, pause and give your body a break. You can give your mind something to do… read, doodle.

Shifting Perspective
Another thing I have my clients do is stop and take a look at things from a different perspective. When painting, my clients may be working on a 3′ x 4′ canvas and an eyeball is 4 inches wide. If they are up close all the time, they won’t notice if they are painting off balance or if one eyeball is looking wonky. They have to step back away from the canvas to see to bigger picture.

Taking a break gives you an opportunity to really take a look again at the overall picture, re-evaluate if what you are doing is what’s most important and if not, starting fresh.

When I step back from my canvas, I may see I need to make the left eyeball bigger. When I step away from my business, I may see I need to stop spending time on busy work. When I step away from my family, I may see I need to be as present as possible when I am with them.

I want to hear from you. Where are you feeling a little stuck? How are you going to take a break in order to gain a different perspective? Comment below and share.

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