unfinished, incomplete and energy.


How many unfinished things do you have laying around?
Taxes? Bills? Medical paperwork? etc.
Paintings? Books? Workshop ideas?


Unfinished projects suck up energy. It might not use all your attention, but it is using energy, running like a computer app in the background of your phone, eating up your battery.


When you get those unfinished things done, it frees up energy.


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A couple years ago I was behind on my taxes, like 3 years behind. It was lingering and sitting on me. I’d think, I have to get those taxes done. And then I’d think of how much work it was going to take and I’d ignore it again. The thing was each time I thought of it, I used energy. Worry. Stress.


When I finally did those 3 years of taxes, a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. All that time and energy I used worrying about them, I could now turn towards something else. At that time it was investments.


In order to get energy flowing, one of the best things you can do is finish stuff up.


Like my 95 year old Grandma Sage, I love to knit. And like her, I love to knit sweaters. Fronts, backs, arms… and then not sew them together. We joke about it. She still has a baby sweater she made for my Uncle Freddy (who is 70) that isn’t sewn together.


Well, over the years, I’ve learned to FINISH my projects and now that’s what I teach. How to stay focus and finish your creative work.


So what project do you need to wrap up?


Is is editing the end of your book?
Painting the edges of your paintings?
Finishing a couple pieces that are laying around?
Hitting publish on that blogpost?
Putting the deposit on the workshop location?


You’re going to feel a burst of energy when you wrap it up. Complete. Energy for what’s next.


One other thing.


If, you’re like my client Carm and you’ve got stuff laying around that isn’t you anymore, consider throwing it out or reclaiming it. Carm is a beautiful sewer and she had loads of material she had collected over the years. She realized it was old energy and passed it on. BOOM income and sewing projects arrived.


Maybe you have 1/2 finished canvases from years ago that aren’t you. What if you gessoed right over them and reclaimed them? Or gave yourself permission to bury that creative idea that no longer sings to you?


If you need permission I give it.


I give it in the name of the creative work that is singing to you now.


Let’s make room for our new creative babies.


In the comment box below share what you’re finishing up or reclaiming.
I’m wrapping up this 2014 accident claim.


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