Top 10 reasons to rock your creative self


“I’m not creative.”

To me, hearing that is like nails on a chalkboard. I have talked to SO many women who believe they aren’t creative. They think creativity is reserved for those born with special drawing powers… a gift.


I believe women buy the lie that creativity is something outside of themselves instead of an integral part of who they are. You are born creative. You birth babies, projects, ideas… why do you think that art is any different?


Creativity is a lot more than making something pretty. It is the power of taking something from your mind, from the formless void of an idea and creating it into form… a painting, picture, sculpture, book, necklace, garden… This is the foundation of living. It is about leaving some part of YOU behind.




redboots1. Permission to be just a little more eccentric.

You know what I’m talking about here. When someone says they’re an artist, you put them in the “artist” box. They’re allowed to have pink hair, wear crazy makeup and funky clothes. Why? Well, they’re artists.



2. Creatives rock at problem solving.

You know the part of your brain that looks for out-of-box solutions, opportunities you haven’t seen before, looks at possibilities and doesn’t take no for an answer… that would be the creative right side of your brain. The left side of the brain is over used in my opinion.

Logic, reason, making decisions based on what has worked in the past… all left brain. If you really want to make some changes, you need BOTH sides of your brain. You have both sides, you just sometimes forget.


3. Creativity can help heal your past so you can move forward

photo 5

When trauma happens, we may stuff the emotions. It may just be too painful to really grieve the loss of your baby or friend, to look at why your relationship fell apart, to feel the shame and anger of abuse, to feel the pain knowing you have a terminal disease. The emotions can sit inside us, festering until they come out in ways that hurt ourselves and others. Art is a gateway to healing. You don’t need to say how you’re feeling. You can use the language that comes before words… emotions, color, texture. You can pour your emotions into your art. Art becomes a channel for your healing… transforming the pain into something more.

photo 14. A pathway to Spirit.

I believe creating is our connection to Source, Spirit, God, Goddess (whatever that is for you). Life is art. Look around. Notice the colors, shapes, textures. Notice the movement. We are all dancing through life. Spirit is an artist and we have that same gift. Every. One. Of. Us. I pray onto my canvas. I ask Spirit fill me and let whatever message is meant to come, come. Then I listen. This dialogue is my spiritual practice.


5. Tune in to your intuition.

Ever not know what to do? Feel confused or can’t make a decision? What if creating could help? The act of creating is more than just following steps A to B to C. There is mystery there. That is where the Muse resides, this allusive creature who conjures up new ideas and lives in the realm of… I wonder… You can make a decision using your left brain, listing out the positive and negatives of why you should or should not do something. But there is this other way to decide that isn’t logic. It’s intuition. I teach intuitive painting. It isn’t about the proper form or technique. It is about listening within, to that Muse and her expanded possibilities and letting HER take the lead. Creating using what feels like will tune you in to the best decision maker around… Your intuitive self.


6. Express your TRUE self.

Ever feel like you’re thoughts, words, and actions aren’t all lined up? Maybe you’d like a tattoo or a nose ring but don’t think that’d be appropriate (in your job, as a mom, at your church). Art is a way to express yourself. To align what you’re really thinking with what comes out. The great thing about art is you don’t have to show it to anyone if you don’t want to. There is satisfaction in being 100% authentic and real in at least 1 area of your life.


7. Leave a legacy behind.

Ever thought what happens to you after you die? What do you leave behind? Memories, teachings… what about your work in the world? Your painting, book, journal, sketch, table, garden, business, home, blanket, sweater, carving, bracelet. This is a part of you. Something that holds some of your energy, your intention once you’ve passed.


8. Inspire others.


You make think that writing a poem in a card or holding a small collage gathering with some girlfriends, isn’t much, but it is. By creating, you are showing others it is entirely possible. When I first began, I have had countless people tell me how I inspired them. Was in showing in large galleries or was my poetry published? Not at that time. What inspired them was that I did it. It wasn’t about success but was about me taking the leap. Creating sparks something deep inside and it calls to others… come create!


9. Me time.

I love when I’m creating. When my husband goes out of town, kids are at the grandparents and I have 24 hours to myself I am SO happppyyyyyy because I know I’m going to have a good dose of creative time. That might look like collaging and art journalling while watching Pride and Prejudice or it could be painting a HUGE canvas with take out sushi and a glass of wine (I know they don’t really match, but my Muse loves that stuff). Creativity is a date with myself. It is incredibly introspective.


10. Helll-oooooo, It’s FUN.

shutterstock_55105444Ever wondered what happened to that adventurous fun person you once were? Where’d she go? If she’s friends with my fun girl, she may have been bulldozed over by the critic. You know, the mean hag in your head who tells you you’ll never be good enough, why waste your time creating, you suck… or some version of this. That hag and my Muse don’t like the same space. They don’t play nicely, so I kick the hag out during my creative time. Then I get to be freeeeeeeee. No rules. Creativity is my version of adult play (PG rated… maybe).


Leave a comment below and let me know, are you creative? If not, why not? If so, what do you love most about creating?

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