time to fill back up

Those who really know me, know I’m an introvert. I’ve been well trained as an extrovert. If I didn’t have a mission to help hundreds of thousands of women step into their creative calling, I’d be home painting and writing… by myself. Creative hermit.

Over the years, I’ve learned to listen when I need to nurture myself, tune inwards and fill back up. My body is great at letting me know, a little warning system when I need to do something different.


It sounds like this…
I feel stretched, annoyed, tired, bitchy, full, overwhelmed, busy. Things I normally handle are like nails on a chalkboard.


Most of my life I ignored that warning system.
I’d get sick.
I’d get bitchy and fight with my husband and kids.
I’d get depressed and sleep a week.


So this week I’ve felt the signs.
It’s not like we ever get it perfect. We can catch ourselves sooner and sooner. Progress.


Whenever I work with clients, I start with ENERGY. I believe it is our foundation. We can’t do anything without energy. The whole fill your cup up first thing.
So I’m filling my cup. Opening to energetic flow. Like a good rain on dry, cracked soil.


Drinking water, 3 hour naps, painting, meditating, doing nothing, walking in nature, dancing, cleaning out my closet, hiring help, and, most importantly, spending time quiet and alone.


What does your warning system look like? Share below.


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