thoughts. what to do when they keep you small

Is there something you want to do but your thoughts are stopping you? Keeping you small?


Maybe you want to
Write the book
Paint the painting
Teach the class
Sell your art
Start the business and you’re thinking…


Who am I to do that?
What if they don’t like it?
What if I fail?
What if I succeed?
What if I screw up?
I should have a certification.
I should have more education.
I should practice more.



Whenever we try something new, they pop up. You know why? We’ve got an old, old brain and it has been trained to do one thing- keep you safe. Keep you alive. This very handy keep-you-alive-brain has been doing a great job. You’re alive. Awesome!


Here’s the deal. In most of the world nowadays we’re not in fear of animals attacking us and staying alive. But your brain still wants to keep you safe. So it will do it’s best to keep you comfortable. (Also known as doing what you normally do.)


That’s fine. Unless you have a dream, a vision, an idea that you’d like to try.


There are SO MANY unwritten books, unfinished paintings, workshops, creative businesses, dances, songs Stuck. In. Your. Head.


Your thoughts are going to keep you small.
They’ll keep you comfortable.
They’ll keep you from trying something new.
From taking the step.


They’ll keep you focused on yourself.
How you feel.
How you’re not good enough.
How you’re not ready.
How you’re scared.


When I get really scared and I know I need to move forward, I change my focus. I stop worrying about myself and instead pay attention to those I’m serving.


So instead of feeling scared or afraid of failing, looking stupid or being judged, think of…


People enjoying your book.
Touched by your artwork.
Learning in your workshop.
Dancing in class.
Happily paying you for your art.


When fear keeps you small, it’s time to focus on the bigger vision. 


Your creativity is about more than you. Creativity is meant to influence and inspire, to create change and open hearts. You just need to get out of the way.


Share below. What thought is keeping you small?


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