The Feminine Power of Receiving

This past week I’ve been soaking up all the wisdom from The Woman Unleashed Online Retreat… nurturing myself and noticing small tweaks I’m already making to make life just so much better.

One session really shifted my way of being… The session with Shakaya Leone on receiving.



The thing is I know about receiving. It is one of the feminine powers I teach my clients and students. It is part of the feminine path and way. I know if we can’t receive, we’ll dry up.

Over the past 6 months I’ve been in over-giving detox, instead giving in a way that feels good to my spirit. I’ve been spending BIG time on my self-care and love. Despite focusing on my self-care, I had an ah-ha during the session with Shakaya.

She asked…

How much do you block yourself from receiving?


And there it is. I can give to myself and others yet when others are giving to me, I have blocked receiving. Receiving compliments, gratitude, even friendship.

So I’m starting a 40 day receiving practice.

Woman With One Arm Up

Tonight I was tired.

My husband drew me a bath,

Poured me a glass of wine,

Made dinner.

And I received… and it feels good.

There is something about being conscious of the receiving. When I’m conscious, I’m able to receive. 

If you’re ready to shift your relationship to receiving and connect the feminine way, join me in my 40 day receiving practice. You can also get started by watching Shakaya’s retreat session. Sign up and watch it here:

Let me know what ways you’re blocking yourself to receiving and ways you are starting right now.

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