The end of my year. The end of my life.

I can’t believe we are coming to the end of the year already. Last December doesn’t feel that far away… maybe because I am getting older. My 94 year old grandma says the older you get, the faster time moves.

I want to share a story I think will touch you…

Just a little over a year ago I was in a serious car accident. The oh-my-gosh-I’m-gonna-die kinda accident.

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My husband and I were returning from a trip to San Diego. My kids were with my parents having Grammy and Papa time. Tony and I were driving back from the airport to meet them along a back country road cruising about 60mph.

Out of nowhere a car pulled out on the highway. I remember thinking, I’m dead. This is it.

I swerved at the last minute and instead of hitting straight on, hit at an angle, running off down a ditch into a field. When we stopped, my husband yelled for me to get out of the car. It was smoking and he was afraid it was going to explode. As soon as I got out of the car, I started shaking. I collapsed to the ground in the mud.

My thoughts were racing and at the same time my mind was mush. I don’t remember much of the paramedics or the highway patrol. I do remember the man who hit us apologizing over and over again, I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you. I’m so sorry.  I do remember thinking, Thank God the kids weren’t with us. Thank you God. I remember Tony putting his coat over me. I could tell he was really worried for me. I remember him holding his side and saying he had broken ribs.

We knew we had to go to the hospital but we were hours from my parents and family. We were in the middle of nowhere. We didn’t know what to do. A woman who saw the accident (she lived right there on the corner) offered to drive us to UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento… this was hours away. She packed up her 4 kids, put us all in her Suburban and drove us to the ER. She was my angel.

On the way out I noticed her gas tank was low. I asked her to swing by the gas station so we could fill it up. She turned towards me with tears in her eyes and said, thank you SO much. I didn’t have enough money to fill up and didn’t know how we were going to get back home. I just trusted God would help.

Her trust really touched me. Her trust that whatever she was meant to do would show itself. Whatever she asked for would be provided. It made me think of how many times I have asked for something, it showed up, and I didn’t recognize it. Or I didn’t see HOW I could do it so I didn’t even try.

I have some questions for you…

Are you like me and maybe some tragedy or accident has happened this year? 2015 was hard and you’re left spinning, mind mushy?

Have you asked Spirit/God/universe for something and missed the opportunity when it was right in front of you?

When I have missed opportunities and Spirit moments, it has been because I have been busy or in fear. I haven’t slowed down enough to notice what was right in front of me. Slowing down is HUGE. It allows me to tune in to my intuition, align with what is most important. It allows me to tune back into love and what I really want.

I know how important it is to reset, realign and slow down. That is why twice a year I create these free online retreats. No cost. No traveling. No excuses not to take care of yourself and tune in to what is most important. Join me.

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