How to Take Care of Yourself During the Holidays

We are dropping like flies… women who are doing it all during this season…

We are buying gifts, making cookies, running our businesses, wrapping school up with the kids, and the tension is building. Eventually we blow. Up at our kids, family, partner, friends. Running too fast for too long is a recipe for exhaustion… the kind that has to kick your butt like a flu, breakdown in the shower, or blow-up at your family (I’ve done all 3).

I’m tired of breaking down around the holidays. I want to BE there with my friends and family, not running from thing to thing. This is what I decided to do:

A Woman’s Online Retreat

Peaceful woman in sunhat relaxing on hammock at the beach

Think retreat… Only you don’t need to pack a bag, travel halfway around the world, or find a sitter for your kids (or pets). You don’t even need to leave your home. You’ll get a retreat that will fit around your schedule… time to pause, nurture yourself and vision your upcoming year.

Instead of pushing, pausing.

Instead of giving, receiving.

Instead of controlling, surrendering.

I created this for YOU.

Woman Unleashed Online Retreat, A Cosmic Cowgirls Collaboration, is a way for you to nurture and care for yourself AT HOME. The retreat runs from Winter Solstice through the end of the year. All the workshop sessions are recorded so when you’re ready for some R&R, you just click and play. Easy peesy. The sessions will be up the week after the New Year so you can leisurely watch any you missed.

I gathered an amazing group of visionaries, artists, speakers, authors, dancers and healers to help you move through the season with grace and set your intentions for 2015. This is a free event with no cost to you. How awesome is that?

Check it out here and join the thousands of women gathered from around the world who are choosing to do the season differently, choosing to nurture themselves and make 2015 their best year yet.

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