Sword sharpening friends

Do you have any friends that stir you up? Not just the kinds that make you feel warm and fuzzy but the kind who make your blood boil… in a good way?

I’m fresh back from my trip to California filming LEGEND. I’m ready for a couple days of R&R but before I hop offline, I wanted to share one of the things that struck me during my trip… the importance of having friends to challenge and inspire.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 4.32.37 PMWhile in Mendocino I met my longtime online friend Jenafer. We started talking and next thing I knew, 2 hours had passed and we had covered everything from online businesses, our muses, upcoming classes, her pregnancy… My head was spinning but in the best of ways… The ways that make me feel alive and connected, the ways that remind me of my course and my mission.

The next morning I called her for some more. And the next day more.

I told her we were sharpening each others swords. During the time of the warriors, they would spar in order to hone each others skills. This was to prepare for battle. The symbol is a bit masculine though the idea is the same. Just by being around each other we were lifting each other up. I’m thinking a little differently, my Muse is freaking out and has ideas running a mile a minute. It is just so juicy.

IMG_4850While filming I hung out with Shiloh and Mary, my painting and writing friends… we painted, we laughed, we debated, we drank Sangria and challenged each other… sometimes all within an hour. The thing about being around people that inspire us, is we grow and expand.

This is not to diminish the importance of time alone, to reflect and tune inwards to listen to our own unique voice. I like to sit with my own Muse, to honor my wisdom. To not be swayed by others. At the same time, when there are a group of powerful women all listening to their own wisdom, holy moly. Shit is gonna happen.


Comment below. Who stirs you up in a good way? Who in your life challenges you to think differently, to step into your greatness?

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