support. because you can’t do it alone.

Most of my life I didn’t trust women.
I know I’m not alone.
We’ve hurt one another.
It’s time for healing.
It’s time to support one another again.


When I first joined my hālau (hula dance school) the hardest thing to get used to was being around all these women who were so welcoming. I was waiting for them to be catty or mean. I was waiting for my grade school years to re-inact. I was waiting to feel alone again.


But that didn’t happen. Instead I found sisters. I found a circle.


When I work with my clients, one of the biggest things I coach is to get support. To learn and lean on other women. All my paid programs and retreats I hold in circles. The truth is we can’t do it on our own. So I’ve got an extra dose of support for you…


goddess talk sessions

You know how I love wild women so when my woman’s empowerment sister-friend Shann Vander Leek (you may remember her and Transformation Goddess from Woman Unleashed this past year) decided to invite teachers, healers, artists, priestesses, and medicine women to circle up for the 2nd Annual Goddess Talk Sessions, I was in.


Ladies are sharing intimate stories of how they claimed their feminine sovereignty and learned to walk in beauty. Too many of us have emotionally been tapped out and closed off to our femininity.



Shann’s got a fantastic line-up including Woman Unleashed speaker favorites Dr. Mary Pritchard and Amy Ahlers as well as 14 other ladies who are sharing their secrets on how to walk in beauty and be REAL.


I adore Shann. We’re part of the same tribe. Knew it in my bones even before we first talked. This past winter, Transformation Goddess sponsored the Woman Unleashed Online Retreat and when she mentioned she was doing the Goddess Talk sessions again, I jumped on the opportunity to sponsor her series. Unleashing women in their own sovereignty. SO up my alley.


As Shann says: “When women circle up we can heal ourselves and change the world!”
So circle up ladies and meet women who have walked through fire, faced their fears, and showed up as their radiant selves.


You don’t need to be alone. Support is right here. All we have to do is listen and learn from one another.


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