Stop Doubting and Start Listening to Your Heart


When you are faced with a decision, do you listen to the voice of your heart or do you let the voice in your head sway you?

Today my palms felt sweaty and my heart beating out of my chest. You know why? I felt the pull. I felt my heart making a decision and my mind fought me. Big time.

headheartI have been working with my business coach Shanda Sumpter for almost 2 years. Last month in my mastermind she mentioned the option of upgrading to a program which would push me… mentally, financially, and most of all in my business. That day I dismissed it. I said I was going to wait until I felt it was right. (Translation: Until I felt like I could do it.)

My mind said I couldn’t. There were a lot of reasons… Someone “better” should take the spots, the investment was too much, I would have to get buy in from my husband. I let that opportunity pass and I regretted it. I regretted it because I let my mind make my decision. I ignored my heart. Deep down, I didn’t trust myself. Today she mentioned there was 1 spot left.

All day my inner knowing screamed inside me… ME! One of my business friends reminded me of my vision and gave me the courage to STOP listening to that demeaning voice that told me all the reasons I shouldn’t do it and instead listen to the voice of my heart that KNEW what I was meant to do.

I came to my room and messaged my coach to tell her I was in. ALL in. And I felt amazing. Scared, and amazingly free.

This is why I want to share this with you…

I get it.

When you feel your inner knowing stir and start listening to the voices in your head that make you doubt yourself, give you all the reasons you can’t do it, don’t know how you’ll do it, remember, YOU ALREADY KNOW IF YOU ARE MEANT TO DO IT.


Dream Darer © 2014 Amber Bonnici

Don’t let that voice of doubt take you out. Don’t let the fear take over.

It is painful to live small,

To ignore your heart,

Smother your knowing.

It is like dying, a little at a time.

I know.


I dare you to LISTEN and ACT on that voice. If there is a desire in your heart, there is a way to do it. If there is a vision in your heart, Spirit also has a way to do it. Don’t let that voice in your head win. Trust the voice of the heart.


Here’s how to let your heart win:

1) Focus on your vision.

Close your eyes and put your hand on your heart. What do you want? Why do you want it?

2) Remember the voice of the heart is totally different than the voice of the head 

Like people from 2 different countries… or men and women. Different. Your head will start listing all the reasons (that make a lot of sense) why you shouldn’t do what you’re called towards. Too little time, not enough money, not the right time, unclear, doesn’t make sense. That is the voice of the head. The voice that will keep you small… safe… boring. It will stuff your dreams and desires. It’s job is to keep you comfortable. Remember that. Do you want to be comfortable or live your passion and purpose?

3) Tell someone who will support your vision. 

When the heart is speaking strongly, tell someone who is a vision supporter. Too many of us listen to vision killers. Stop it. I have accountability partners, women circle sisters, coaches and mentors who see my greatness and help me live into my vision. When you stop believing in yourself is when your community will remind you.


Leave a comment. What is the voice of your head saying and what is your heart saying? Which one are you going to listen to?


And if you know what I’m talking about and need help listening to the voice of your heart, let me know. Seriously. The voice that is telling you not to, is your head.

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