The secret to making a decision when you don’t know what to do

I know what it feels like to be paralyzed by indecision, to feel the weight of making a choice.

What if I make the WRONG choice?

What if this is my one chance and if I make the wrong decision, I’ll lose out?

What if, what if, what if…

That’s a lot of pressure… thinking you have to know the right answer before you make a choice. Thinking it is all up to YOU. I don’t believe that. I believe there is a reason and connection behind things… Spirit.

What if instead of worrying, you trusted that whatever you chose would be just right?

We stop ourselves from choosing because we believe it is all up to us… But it’s not.



Indecision kills growth.

Making NO decision is worse than making the “wrong” one. Hanging in uncertainty, weighing options back and forth. Time passes and you haven’t moved. You’re still there… Using up brain power, energy and still not taking action.

Here is the secret to making a decision when you’re stuck…

Just. Make. One.

That’s right. I’m not going to talk about how to make the “right” decision. Sometimes, you just won’t know if it is the right one, but if you make NO decision, you’ll be exactly where you are now. You won’t move, won’t grow, won’t stretch. You’ll be STUCK.

If you make a decision and start moving forward, taking action, you’ll be able to feel if it feels right or it feels off. You can course correct. Kinda like when you’re paddling a canoe. If you are moving forward and you know you need to head in a different trajectory, you just have to stick the paddle in and move it slightly. If you aren’t moving at all, you have to paddle harder… Think of it as little course corrections. When you make a decision, you don’t have to decide for now until the end of time… just for now.

You can always alter your path, just take a step.


Leave a comment below. What have you been avoiding making a decision about? Share below. If there is a tip YOU use to make a decision, let us know.

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