Say YES to Your Dream

What is the difference between someone who pursues their dreams and someone who doesn’t?

Someone who moves forward and someone who stays stuck in the same place, year after year?

Saying YES.

There was a time when I wanted to be an artist and share my work with the world, but the thing was I wasn’t really saying YES to that dream. Sure, I wanted my work out, but when someone suggested talking to galleries or making my paintings into cards, I’d get a little freaked out. I noticed my dream wasn’t aligning with my actions. I had to make a change!

Do you feel like your actions aren’t aligning with your dreams?

Commit to saying YES.

I made a commitment to my dream. I said, “Alright, if an opportunity arises that will propel me towards my dream, I’ll just say YES.” No questions. No freaking out.

Here’s how that worked out for me…

Shortly after my dream commitment, I had a friend, fellow Black Belt sister and Director of the Still & Moving Center in O’ahu Reneé Tillotson ask me if I’d like to have a showing of my work in her space. My mind said, “No, you haven’t done that before. You’re gonna have to ship stuff from another island. Do you have enough pieces?” My dream commitment made me say, “YES, that sounds great.”

Did I know how I was going to do it? Did I know where I’d find the money to ship my work? Creating press, postcards, announcements, etc. No. But I figured it out. If I had sat in the fear of my mind, I would never have had my first full showing, accepted a commissioned painting, said yes to offering my art in 2 galleries. My art would be sitting alone in my home. My dream, still waiting.

What is stopping you from committing? From saying YES?



That mean voice in your head?

I dare you to make the Dream Commitment. Just say YES.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you’re ready to say YES to…

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