realignment moments

Have you ever not spoken up and wish you had? Had something happen that made you vow to do things differently?

Last week I was with my family on vacation in Kealakekua. It was well needed and we had a great time fishing, snorkeling, and lounging around. With lots of games of Monopoly. One day we went to the beach for a family snorkel. As I was sitting on the beach, a couple came in from the bay. They had a bag and showed some of the people around a huge conch shell they had pulled from the water. I’ve never seen anything like it. Grandma of conches. I overheard someone ask if it was empty. It wasn’t. Still had a creature living in it. The thing is, the bay is a marine sanctuary. They weren’t allowed to take that conch or the creature living in it.


You know what I did? Nothing. They took that conch and headed out. I didn’t want to cause waves and it is really hard to tell you that.

I regret that decision. I regret I let my comfort overrule my ethics and values. 

Afterwards, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I had a conversation with some of the others in our party who were around. Everyone regretted not speaking up. We beat ourselves up for a while and finally realized it didn’t change anything. So what we decide to do instead was make a solemn vow that next time, we’d speak up.

That was a realigning moment.

Realigning moments come throughout our lives. A death, getting really sick, losing your job, or your house. Or your religion. It shows up when the way you’re living, what you’re saying and what you’re doing are not in alignment with what you really want, what’s important to your spirit and your soul. My realigning moment reminded me to speak my truth even if I make others feel uncomfortable or angry or embarrassed.

You might be in your own realigning moment. The Orlando shooting has caused many to wake up and take a stand for love. It has given some the bravery they’ve needed to support the LGBT community publicly. It is given others the bravery to speak against gun violence. And it is helping people realign. Because what if something so senseless and out of control happened to you? Or those you loved?

Realignment isn’t always comfortable. Part of it requires you to look at the ways you have been out of alignment. The way you’ve been living, the things you been saying and doing that are counter to what you believe. Self-examination isn’t always pretty. We all have moments we let ourselves down. And yet there is the gift as well. The gift to choose different.

Realignment requires reflection. Twice a year around the solstice times I slowdown, turn inwards, and nurture myself to realign with what’s most important to me. To take action from that space. To recalibrate.

That’s what why I created the Woman Unleashed Online Retreat. To help women from all over the world do the same thing. We’ve had over 18,000 women do just that. Create the space and time to realign. If you need that yourself, you’re welcome to join us here.


What area in your life have you been out of alignment? Sacrificing your values?

Is it a relationship you know is over but you’re staying because it’s easier?

A job that gives you security and pays well but feels draining?

Is it putting your creative desires at the bottom of your to do list and never getting to them?

Not saying anything in order to make people comfortable?

I’m not saying to leave a marriage or a job. I’m not saying to do things that hurt others. I’m saying, How can you come into alignment? What do you need to do differently?

It takes a lot of energy when you’re not aligned in what you say, think and do. When you ignore your inner spirit. 

Even though part of me is scared, I’ve vowed to speak my truth in spite of what others think about me. What is your commitment?

Share below. Claim your commitment and a step you’d like to take to come into alignment. Let’s realign together.


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