the real deal on creating an online biz.

If you’re thinking of creating an online business and looking at the information promising to make you a millionaire overnight, it doesn’t happen that way. Just sayin.’


When you look online it’s easy to think you’re behind or something is wrong with you for not being THERE yet.


I get it. When I first started, my big goal was to make $5,000 a month doing creativity coaching. It seemed way out there and it was WAY out of my comfort zone as a creative. I mean websites and social media and webinars and online classes. The technology alone was enough to bury me. Once I got going and started making a great living (a couple years later), I found myself tied to my computer working long hours. NOT what I pictured.


I really wanted a financially successful business that ALSO included having an awesome life, where I had the freedom to travel whenever and wherever I wanted.


If you’re like I was, wanting to have an online business AND make money AND have freedom, I have something for you. I hooked up with Emily Utter one of my business mastermind sisters to share what TRUE freedom is in an online training series, The Ultimate Coaching Lifestyle Series.


Look, I get we all want freedom, but I think we need to start having REAL, AUTHENTIC conversations about what this really means and what it takes to get there. To me it’s all about having freedom with Time, Money AND Location (Can anyone say Hawai’i?)




In my lifetime as a creative entrepreneur I’ve seen friends bring in tons of money who still can’t pay the rent, or who work so much they don’t even have time to ENJOY the fruits of their labor. There have also been times when I have found myself in this position (remember my pneumonia bout in the hospital) and it’s not at all why I signed up to run a business.


One of the keys to my success has been surrounding myself with even more successful business buddies and so I am very excited to share with you the latest project I’ve been collaborating on: The Ultimate Coaching Lifestyle Series.


The training series is zero dollars and designed to help you get to the next level in your business. If you’re wanting to start or grow your online business, time for a real conversation sister.


In this series you’ll learn:


  • How these business owners “figured it out” to make millions online. And what you can learn from their big wins and big mistakes
  • How to use Facebook ads, social media, email marketing, and other online marketing tools to turboboost your online business
  • How to shift your relationship with money to drastically increase your income (yes please)
  • Tricks of the trade on how to use the relationships you already have to up your business opportunities
  • How to enroll more high-end clients
  • How to build an online business that allows you to travel wherever and whenever you want
  • What you need to focus on RIGHT NOW to become a successful online entrepreneur


And loads more!



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