ready to retreat?

Can you believe 2016 is almost over?


I was thinking about this time last year. I was prepping last year’s Woman Unleashed Retreat and doing end of the year things for the kids school. Kinda like this year. Do you remember what you were doing at this time last year?


What has changed?
What feels yummier this year?
Where do you feel you took a step backwards?


I want to leave you with this today…


The year isn’t over. You still have 19 more days to do what you said you wanted to do this year, to feel the way you wanted to feel, to start or continue or finish what you’ve been thinking about.


Each day is a chance. A choice.


I know it can be hard to hear that wise voice within you. The one with dreams and visions, the one who knows you have a message and something important to share with others, the one that wants you to think bigger than yourself. It is so easy to get into life and then look up a year later and go, Whoa! Another year!


That is why I create retreats.


They take you out of your every day rut and ask you to look at things differently.
They make you focus on yourself.
They take you out of distractions and help you find clarity.


I’ve seen months worth of work happen in days. It is like a crucible. It sets all the conditions up for change. Makes you ripe.


If you’d like to nurture your creative spirit,
Align with your bigger vision and mission in the world,
And tap in to your feminine powers, I have 2 retreats for you:


1 is LIVE. With me. In person. I’ve got women coming from all over the world who are ready for some massive change. 4 days dedicated to you….


Early bird special ending soon

Creativity Unleashed LIVE 2017
(re)TREAT in Hawai’i
February 23-26, 2017
Painting + Art Journaling + Movement + 


Dreaming + Planning your 2017


Imagine what’s possible…


Early bird special ends December 31st. Don’t wait. Register now.

***And if you have questions, just comment below and ask me. Let’s see if this is the retreat for you.***

The other is ONLINE.


I know dedicating 4 days in Hawai’i isn’t a possibility for most women on the planet, but here’s the thing: We ALL need a retreat. We all need to recharge.


We need to do it in order to have the energy and power to
Continue to do our great work.
Stand up for what we believe in.
Take care of our friends and family.
Continue in a way that feels juicy.


Women are gathering from all over the world…


I know this time of the year can be full and that’s why I made it as easy as possible for you to attend.


You can do it AT HOME in your PJs.
You can do it WITH your friends or family.


This is my yearly love gift for you as a part of my community. No cost. Totally F*REE. I’ve spent months putting this together for you. To give something EVERYONE can attend.


Please come.​​​​​​​



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