Change the Bad Mojo Tape in Your Head


What do you do when life seems REALLY tough?


Do you isolate, distract yourself, and get busy?

Or do you move that energy… create, dance, sing, pray?


I’m a big believer in MOVING the energy. That is how I have gotten through my lowest lows… my miscarriage, the foreclosure of our home, depression and death of my mother.

photo 2-2We are all moving. That is what is constant… until we get stuck, caught up in a bad tape… the one that keeps us blaming, unhappy and totally paralyzed.

I have been on the phone the past couple weeks with women interested in the Woman Unleashed Group Program. Part of my process is connecting with each woman individually to find out more about them… what they want, what they are challenged by, what their visions and dreams are.

I’ve had women in my programs with cancer, women divorcing their husbands, leaving jobs, care taking parents, sleep deprived with new babies in their arms and women in abusive relationships. This week I spoke with 2 women who are changing their patterns of abuse… one woman continuing on in the program and another just starting.

It is so easy to let that bad mojo tape run… the one that says you aren’t worth anything, that you don’t deserve more or that others deserve it before you. What does it take to overhaul that voice? At the least to see it for what it is… a lie to your awesomeness.

What would change if you could change the tape?


Here are 3 ways I change my tape…

1) Dance Break– Put your favorite song on and DANCE your brains out. This gets you in your BODY, out of your head.

2) Creativity– Journal, collage, paint, crochet, knit, sew, take pictures, cook. Pop yourself into the RIGHT side of the brain… creativity, possibility and play.


3) Nature– Barefeet in the sand, outside in the snow… notice nature. Listen to her and let her guide you back into the NOW. Inhale and smell THIS moment. This gets you HERE and NOW instead of whereever your tape was running you.


These are SO EASY you might just be tempted to read these as bullet points and move on. DON’T DO IT. Change happens from doing small things, bit by bit.



Last week one of my clients shared the difference our time together made. She had been on and off in depression, in a dark, dark place. She had been in an abusive relationship for years and she started opening herself up again. Our work together helped her see herself in a different way… that powerful inner warrior within. It helped her see that unsupportive, lying voice and choose to listen to the wise voice within. Bit by bit, she started listening to the part of herself who chooses to live life differently and bit by bit she gained the courage and confidence to stand up, say the abuse was not okay and start creating something different.

Holy holy! (We are both weeping as she is sharing this with me over the call)


Can you relate?

Feeling stuck and small and hopeless and slowly, slowly opening up… gaining confidence and making choices to change your life and the lives of those around you?

Maybe you are not in an abusive relationship, but we all have had that abusive relationship with that voice in our head. For many of you it is still running the show. You are thinking you’re not worth daily time to nurture yourself, you’re not ________ enough to start a business, get married, sell your painting, write your book, lead the workshop…


Yesterday I got off the phone with a woman who is joining the Woman Unleashed Group Program this year. She just left an abusive relationship and (happy dance here) sky is the limit for her. She is diving in with abandon surrendering to the year ahead.


This year I am mentoring women to nurture themselves, unleashing their confidence and own their radiance to create the life THEY want. 


photo 1-2What would life look like a year from now?

If you had the confidence to go for what you want, what would be different?

If you didn’t second guess your intuition, what might have happened?

If you spent a year focused on yourself and creating what you want, what would change?

If you want to find out, let’s talk.

Tell me your story.

Let’s dream together.


Click the “contact” button below and I’ll help you decide if the Woman Unleashed Program is a good next step for you.

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