not holding it all together.

My boys go back to school Monday. On my weekly accountability call with my business buddy Wendy, I shared that I needed a break. Solo time… but it’s the last week of summer vacation. I really want to make it special. Wendy told me, Your kids don’t know what you’re planning in your head. What ideal are you holding yourself up to? 



As a mom, I fall in this trap a lot. Comparing myself to a combo of June Cleaver in her apron with dinner on the table and Michelle Obama giving speeches and planting an organic garden. In my mind, I had visions of daily experiences for both boys. They’d remember them the rest of their lives.

No pressure.

The problem? This ideal mom scenario didn’t have room for the rest of me, for the part that needed down time. The part that had business deadlines. The part that wanted to paint in my studio for a few hours. The part that wanted a date with my husband.

If we measure ourselves against perfection, we’ll never win.

Can you relate?

Maybe for you, it’s not the ideal mom, but…

The ideal daughter who is taking care of her sick parents and should be doing more.

The ideal wife who should be having loads of sex… at least daily.

The ideal artist who should be selling more work.

The ideal friend who drops everything when needed.

Can you see? This person isn’t real. 


So instead of creating daily experiences for my kids, I chilled out. For my youngest, I planned 2 days of horse camp. My eldest, 2 days of fishing and spear fishing with Dad. The other days, they’re running wild around the neighborhood with their friends. And I get my quiet time.

So here it is… your permission slip to chill out. Be NON-ideal. Don’t have it all together.


Share. What’s 1 way you’re gonna let yourself not have it all together?


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