New Years Resolutions the feminine way

There is something so yummy about a new year. Fresh. Begin again. Clean slate. All that.

Not too long ago I would create resolutions. I’d take stock of my life and think, well maybe this year I’ll ________ (fill in blank). More than a resolution, it was like a wish or hope. It was a maybe. Maybe this year I’ll find a good friend. Maybe this year I’ll plant a garden. Maybe…


Later I created resolutions from a place of… this-part-of-my-life-sucks and I-need-to-improve-myself. make the change. It looked like this… I’m gonna lose my baby fat this year. I’m going to start working out. I hate feeling this way. I feel awful and fat. I’m gonna make this happen. Then I would try my best pushing and striving. Within a couple weeks I’d be back to normal. And I’d feel even worse because I didn’t keep my promise to myself. I started many years with broken promises…


Well, New Year’s Resolutions like this not only don’t work, they feel awful.Changing from this place is all about what is wrong with us, what isn’t working, what we need to do. Changing from that space takes a lot of energy. It is about will power and making it happen. I’m tired just typing this.


A few years ago I decided New Years needed an overhaul.


I started NURTURING myself (hence the online retreat)
I started doing LOVING things that made me feel good.
I started CELEBRATING my previous year and how many AWESOME things I had done.
I started noticing the WISDOM I learned the year before… (things I didn’t need to learn again, thank you).
I started ALIGNING with my spirit and listening to what was asking for change
I started LISTENING to my intuition
I started CREATING a vision of 2016 from being filled up.
I started New Year’s Resolutions the feminine way.


I’ll tell you what’s changed…
I’m kinder.
I’m happier.
I’m peaceful.
AND what I choose to change sticks.


I focus. I choose what I want to feel. This change feels good.


Ready to (finally) do New Year’s Resolutions the feminine way?


LIVE New Year’s Eve Visionboarding Party

December 31st 11a Hawaii, 1p Los Angeles, 4p New York, 9p London

Think art, celebration and fun with women from all over the world. We’ll be creating our vision boards from a feminine space… aligning with what’s most important instead of creating vision boards based on what we *think* we should change.


Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 2.39.05 PM


Come! We’re gonna have a great time. Register now and get your supply list. And if you can’t make it live, you’ll get the recording and can watch it anytime. Here’s to making 2016 your best year yet!



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