My Husband Proposed (Again)

My husband proposed to me (again).

Last month we were in Venice cruising in a gondola. HIGHLY romantic. There were 3 things I wanted to do in Italy: Ride in a gondola, see the David and the Vatican. So when it was the last night in Venice and we still hadn’t ridden in a gondola, I told my husband, “We’re riding in a gondola.” Nonnegotiable.


We took off in the early evening. The sun was dropping and there were less boats cruising the canals. Tony had his arm around me and the sound of the water lapping against the sides of the boat made me want to sleep. As we were going around the curve, Tony stood up, turned around, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him (again).

I was speechless.

He told me I was a wonderful mother and that he loved our life together as partners. I don’t really remember much more because I was so surprised. Of course I said yes.

This is the thing, we’ve been together 19 years, married 14 this year and we’ve been through A LOT. He wasn’t really proposing… he was recommitting.
In our marriage there have been a couple rough patches where I didn’t think we would make it. At the time, I couldn’t think of any way through it. I felt like we were talking on two different frequencies. We were two different people. In the midst of all that, somehow we did. Whenever people ask how, I tell them it is because each of us is doing our own work. I am working on myself. Tony is working on himself. No blaming each other. We can just change ourselves. Somehow that seems to work for us.

Marriage is something I say yes to over and over again. I am not the same woman I was when I walked down the aisle 14 years ago. I have gone through depression, miscarriage, started businesses, birthed two boys, moved across the country, and stretched myself in so many uncomfortable ways.


I’m not who I was yesterday. I have to commit day after day, moment after moment. If I change each day, then recommitment is a part of that change.

It is the same thing with ourselves.

We are changing and we have to continually commit to what is most important. At the beginning of the year, I held an online retreat where I invited women to set intentions for their year. Many women wanted to be in relationships, start businesses, find friendships, awaken their artistic side, love their bodies… and here we are mid-August.

I want to ask you, How are you doing now with your intentions?

This isn’t meant to shame you. I am asking if you are willing to recommit. What at the beginning of the year inspired you to want to make change? What is there in you right now that wants to recommit?

There are 3 1/2 months until the end of 2015.

What do you want to do this year?

What things are still calling you?

If you have forgotten your commitment, you can always begin again. Just like Tony got down on one knee and asked me (again) to choose us, you can ask yourself if you are ready (again) to choose you.

What is your heart and soul calling for?

What do you commit to?

Where do you need support?


If you would like to begin again, consider joining us for the Woman Unleashed Online Retreat~ Summer Session.

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This is an opportunity to stop, slowdown, and tune inwards… To realign with what is most important to you and make the rest of 2015 what you want… and have some fun while you’re at it.

The online event is free and it is my gift to you.

What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose.


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What are you REcommitting to today? Share below.

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