mini reTREAT~ An online event to awaken your creativity and intuition

Tuesday I flew back from New York and while there I saw one thing that really shook me. Sitting in the room with powerful, successful, amazing women, I heard over and over again many were burnt out. They had been pushing and trying and getting stuff done. They were living their mission, but they were feeling worn. They were missing play and fun. They were missing creativity. They were missing their feminine side.

My heart opened so much for my business sisters because I have been there over and over again. Since my pneumonia-oh-shit-moment, I have been mama bear with my self-care. I guard my creative time. I guard my time with my family. Every week I have a massage and regular pedicures (my toes are yellow as I’m going through the rainbow) in order to love myself up. It is changing everything.

I want that for you too. I created this specifically for you to have fun, chill out and relax. Check it out…

Artist, Creativity, Art.

An Online event to activate your creativity and intuition

LIVE December 6th (10a Hawaii | 12p PT | 3p ET | 8p London)**

**Recording available for those unable to make it live


Imagine 3 hours of art, movement and visioning focused on helping you activate your creativity, tune in to your intuition and and take inspired action. No art experience necessary. If you’re a beginner, I’ve got your back. We’ll use our creative process to dig in and explore. At the end of the retreat, you’ll have a personalized 30 day plan with your next steps.

Maybe you’re someone who has always wanted to do something creative and hasn’t known where to start

Or you used to be creative but life has gotten in the way and you’re missing it

Maybe you’re feeling unclear and want to know how to tune in to your intuition so you can trust yourself to make decisions best for you

Maybe you have a zillion ideas but can’t seem to focus, so you do them all and either stress out or do them half-assed

Maybe you’ve been running in masculine mode, getting stuff done but feeling fried and you just want to chill out and have some fun

Join the retreat here now

After we receive your payment, you’ll receive an email with details for our retreat including supplies and ways to get ready beforehand.​

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