What is the message you’re meant to share with the world?

I was in hula Saturday and my Kumu (a.k.a. teacher) talked about the responsibility we have to share what we have been taught. I am learning hula, oli, language and lessons that someday I will pass on to others who want to learn. It is a giving and receiving. It is a way for what I’ve learned to mean something… It stops being just knowledge and becomes wisdom.

What are you learning right now?

It can be anything. Maybe it’s a job skill, communication, how to connect to your kids, move through grief, how to run a 1/2 marathon, tune in to your intuition, create a website, do a yoga pose, keep your house clean, paint a picture, write a poem…

How can you share it with others?

There are people that don’t know what you’ve learned. There are people who can benefit from the knowledge housed in your bones. People are waiting for you.

One example of this is the work I do with my clients. I paint alongside them showing them technique and guiding them through their own personal process. This is a gift I’m sharing that was passed to me from my mentor Shiloh Sophia Mc Cloud from her teacher Sue Hoya Sellers from her teacher Lenore Thomas Straus. In hula I’m learning from my Kumu Hula Nani Lim Yap who learned from many including Uncle George Na’ope and Auncle Pilahi Paki. They may have already passed but their knowledge lives on in us.

You have a lineage of learning. It has passed to you and your responsibility is to pass it to others, becoming a part of their lineage.

Leave a comment and let me know… What are you learning? What are you ready to pass on now?

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