How to Maintain Your Mojo When Someone’s in a Funk


Have you ever had the experience where you’re in a great mood, having a good day and someone shows up to work or home and they are in a FUNK… and next thing you know YOU’re in a funk?

You feel like there has been a dampening to your energy… a heavy wet blanket. YOU start to feel annoyed, angry or upset.

You weren’t feeling that way and now somehow you start feeling what the other person is feeling. Ugh.

How can you take care of yourself, be in your own space, honor what other people are feeling but NOT have to take that on?

This is really important with your partner, kids, friends, close family members or co-workers. They can have their own experience. You don’t need to feel it FOR them. You don’t have to emotionally go there with them.

There are two ways I maintain my energetic mojo.

The first way was taught to me by two Hawaiian Kahuna: The Golden Bubble. Imagine a beautiful golden white bubble all around you. This bubble is see-through. Imagine it like a force field. (You know what I’m talking about here if you’ve seen Star Wars or Star Trek). If anything hits it, it rolls right off.
Say for example you’re feeling ick and you’re noticing you’re taking on someone else’s feelings and energy, put on your “Love Bubble.” Only Love can pass through. Love from someone else AND your own love moving out. Let’s admit it, if we’re in a funk, we don’t want to throw our energy onto our kids or friends either. Imagine the energy you don’t want hits this beautiful protective golden barrier of love and rolls off it into the earth where it is transmuted into something beautiful.

What happens if you forgot to put on your bubble and you notice you’re filling icky after someone has been with you… it’s rubbed off on you?

First, imagine yourself in your Golden Love Bubble. Then go to energy tool #2… Golden Waterfall.

Imagine a sunroof on the top of your head. Open it and a golden waterfall from above pours over you, cleansing your insides and washing off anything glommed onto you, washing it to the earth.

You’ll start to feel better. You’ll start to feel you again.

These tools are going to help you be able to be there for other people and the best way we can be there for people is to be a clear container for them… hold space for them and not have to get into their stuff with them.

Leave a comment if this was helpful for you and let me know ways you maintain your energy.

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