Losing my joy and the quest to find her again

My legs are propped on pillows right now. They’re pooped. I’m training.
I’ve been dancing hula almost 9 years. I love it. I love telling a story through motion. I love channeling a message through my body. It’s fun.

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Lately training has been a quest of perfection. Perfection of my feet, my posture, my hands. And somehow in this perfection, I started losing my joy. So now I’m thinking…

Can joy and perfection live together? 

Yes, and no.

I believe it depends on the energyDoes it come from inspiration or criticism?

Since I noticed my joy leaking, I’ve been in inquiry… How am I thinking about this? What’s the deeper energy? How can joy and perfection live together?

Last week one of my clients Lacey shared how perfection crushed her Muse. At university she majored in arts. As she learned more and more about art technique, her inner perfectionist took over. She started looking at her work with a critical eye. She lost her impetus to create for pleasure. It felt like work. And so she changed her major to something more stable… communications. Last year she started working with me creating for pleasure. She let go of getting it right and took her first steps to starting her own business. She now uses her artistic eye every day as a photographer. Isn’t she amazing???


But what about if you lost your joy and never went back for Her?

When you were younger, what did you love to do? When did you feel most alive?

For me, I loved horses. I had a huge collection of My Little Ponies. I’d play with them and then I had my real pony I’d ride. It made me so happy to brush her, rider her, draw her. I’d write mystery stories of my pony Babe and our adventures solving mysteries.

Then I was told my drawing wasn’t very good and writers didn’t make money. So I stopped drawing, stopped writing. I started looking at my work as cartoonish. I started analyzing my writing and thinking it was mediocre. And. I. stopped.

So I want to ask you…
Where have you analyzed something so much you’ve stolen the joy?

Is it art, writing, movement? Is it with your partner, kids or friends? Where is that critical perfectionist? and what will it take for you to bring Joy back?

Years ago when I recognized my joy was gone, I felt the calling of my heart. She set me back on the path of my joy and now that is what I do. I help others find their joy.

If you’re feel a calling back to joy, join me here in Hawai’i.

We are unleashing that wild, creative spirit and letting her out to play… and once she comes out, we are going to integrate her INTO your life… in our businesses, relationships, finances.

We are women. We are human. We aren’t meant to be perfect. We are meant to create. We are meant to express. No limits. Inspired. Unleashed.

Share below. Where have you lost your joy and what are you doing to bring her home?

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