Living Vacation 24/7

I love vacation. Sleeping in. Leisurely schedule. Playtime.

I’ve been traveling. It’s summer. Kids are out of school and we are on an adventure… San Diego for kids play time, Bodega Bay for Father’s Day, Sierra Nevada Foothills for family time, then 2 weeks in Italy with Tony.

While I’ve been hanging out with my parents, I noticed something. They live like they are on vacation all the time. They have little nooks around their home with outdoor couches and hammocks. When they make dinner, they have a glass of wine and turn on some music. They have flowers throughout their house.

photo 1

That got me thinking…

What makes something feel like a vacation vs real life?

Vacation= Timeless. More space. More joy. More fun. All about the BEing.

Real life= Never enough time. To Do List. Getting things done. All about the DOing.


Why do I feel I have to go away to indulge?

Why is it okay to splurge and “waste” time on vacation but not at home?

What is there about working hard that feels more important than living easy?


I’ve been chewing on these questions and I’ve decided… I’m doing vacation 24/7.

photo 2


Here’s 9 ways I’m doing it. You are welcome to join me. Yes to more relaxed, happy women.

1) Fresh flowers that smell divine

2) Soft music (I’m a fan of Pandora’s Heart Meditation station)

3) Comfy pillows on my couch

4) Wearing my sarong around the house

5) Candles on my dining room table

6) Daily smashbook time (aka Art Journaling)

7) Setting my alarm to yummy wake up music

8) Rubbing my body with love and Coconut Body Butter

9) Wind chimes in my backyard


Add to the list. What are other ways we can vacation 24/7?

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