Life changing. Full blast.

A little over 3 years ago I can pinpoint a moment my life changed forever.


Back in 2012, I had just met Kelly and a friend from Australia Leandra. We would hang out, swim with dolphins, have deep conversation about everything from spirituality to life purpose to energetic healing and transmission. We called ourselves Kahikoulu (trinity). That was the time I came out of my spiritual closet.


We had this idea, to create a workshop for women from all over the world. We’d do art, dolphin swims and sound healing. We’d create magic.


One day we were outside the Royal Kona Hotel standing together holding hands in a circle. We looked each other in the eyes and made a solemn oath. We swore we would STOP dimming our light and shine FULL BLAST.


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After that, everything changed aaaaaaand it didn’t look the way I thought it would. Our workshop never came to be. Leandra traveled back to Australia and continued her healing work there, Kelly expanded her automotive detailing company and her work with a foundation and I started teaching workshops and leading online events.


Even though it didn’t look like what we had planned, I have no doubt we came together to explode and expand. Being together magnified our intention, our oath.


What if you STOPPED dimming your light and committed to shining your light FULL BLAST? What would change? How would you stand? Speak? Act? What would you do? What would you create?


After that oath I said YES to full blast.
Yes to commissioned work
Yes to solo shows
Yes to leading workshops
Yes to a tattoo
Yes to hiring a business coach
Yes to building an online business
Yes to my first group program
Yes to my first interview series
Yes to online retreats
Yes to collaborative projects


I say YES each time I work with my clients. We turn off their dimmer switches. They own their creativity, start painting, writing, showing their work around the world, start workshops, woman’s circles, businesses, and find a ways to work their soul purpose that works for them.


So let’s turn off the dimmer switch and do what we need in order to shine, shine, shine. And share with me below, if you turned off your dimmer switch, what is one thing you would do right now?


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