I Have Befriended the Wheelchair

In the midst of healing from pneumonia, I am on family vacation. We’ve been planning our trip for over a year and it has been interesting participating in our vacation while nurturing myself.

I have befriended the wheelchair. 

We’ve visited the San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld and Balboa Park and I’ve had to learn to let go. I had to let go of worrying Sage would push the wheelchair into someone’s ankles, that he’d let go of me on a steep hill or I’d miss seeing the fun stuff. I had to listen deeply to my energy and let go of doing things I normally do.


Mapping out our next stop while Sage pushes me around SeaWorld

Here’s what I’ve learned… When I let go, I’ve gotten to see things differently. I got amazing seats at shows. People were wonderfully helpful and generous. And hellll-oooooo. We jumped right to the front of the lines. Sage and Bodhi were so happy to ride the roller coasters over and over and over.

While they’re running kid speed, I’m slowing down to speed up.

By taking things slow, I’m receiving more.

It feels good. It feels good to watch my sons step up and take care of me. It feels good to know I’m taking care of myself. It feels good to surrender control and let someone else plan things.

So I ask you…
What ways can you let go?
How can you slow down to speed up?
How can you practice the feminine art of receiving?
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