How to Tune Back In To Your IFG…. aka Inner Fun Girl


Feeling like you’ve lost your fun mojo?

Missing adventure and the glitter and spark in life?

Have you been taken over by Mrs. Practical?

When I was younger, I LOVED creating. I would spend hours drawing ponies and writing mystery stories to go with them… like Nancy Drew meets My Little Pony. Mystery of Pony Island

Sometime around 2nd grade I remember hearing that writing and drawing weren’t real careers. I couldn’t make money doing it. They weren’t very practical. My own inner critic started rearing her ugly head and I thought my horses didn’t quite look as good as other kid’s horses, so I stopped.

I felt like I lost a piece of myself.

A couple years ago I went exploring and I found her again. I didn’t care if I made any money writing or creating. I just wanted to do it to be happy.

How many things do YOU have in your life that you enjoy doing but you don’t because you think… this doesn’t make money or it’s not practical?


Feeding your soul sometimes isn’t practical.

It doesn’t make sense to your mind, but it DOES make sense to your heart.


Take a look at things you haven’t done in a while… things that make you feel happy or inspired. Things you have fun doing. Give yourself permission to do something that’s not about profit or the end result. Let it be all about how you FEEL and the journey.

If creativity is something you want to explore, check out the free weekly 1 hour Mini Retreat Art for the Heart starting next week.

Comment below and share what you’re going to do to tune back into your inner Fun Girl.


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