How to stop worrying and get out of your head into the moment


Have you ever been worried or upset and can’t seem to stop thinking about it?

Running thoughts over and over and over and over… You get the picture.


Is this you?

Maybe you just got in a fight with your partner and you are running through the dialogue in your head about what you said and what you should have said and how your partner is wrong. You are going over and over and over it, getting madder, madder and madder.

Maybe you just got in a disagreement with someone at work and you keep going over how you are right, justifying yourself.

Maybe you want something to change and it is not happening fast enough or the way you want.

Maybe you are worrying about something or someone. There is nothing you can do but make yourself miserable with your thoughts.

The best thing we can do when we’re upset about the past or worrying about the future is get into the present moment.

One way to do it?

Get out of your head into your body by turning on your senses.

Taste, touch, sight, hearing, scent…

Inhale and smell this moment. There is a scent to this moment, right now. Same with taste in your mouth… It could be tasting something really yummy like dark chocolate, feeling the texture in your mouth. Yum.

Get into sensation. Wiggle your fingers and bring all your attention there. Be 100% with your feet touching the ground or the sensation of the soles of your feet in your shoes.

Maybe its about listening to the “music” around us. The wind, our kids hollering. If you are washing your hands at the sink, listening to the water run.

What do you see? Life is art. Take a moment to appreciate it. Notice the colors, shapes, textures around you.


Inhale the moment.

Notice life as art.

Listen to the music.

Sense your body.

Taste this moment.


Leave a comment below and let me know what you do to stay in the moment when you’re head is running on overload and you want to be in the moment.

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