How to Move your Energy to Make Space for What you Want

I’ve been feeling the urge to move energy. Spring cleaning, sweeping out the old to make room for the new.

My bones desire  s p a c e.

You feeling it?

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If you don’t have space, where will you fit the new things that are coming… the new you that is morphing. 

Part of creating anything new requires someplace for it to go. You have to be open to releasing what doesn’t work in order to make room for new things.

Every few months or so we have a garage sale. Not because I like to do garage sales, (I’m more of a take it to the Goodwill kinda girl), but my boys like to man the garage sale, counting the quarters they earn selling their toys, dreaming what they’re going to buy with their loot. Just recently I cleaned out their room and put a lot of toys in boxes for the garage sale. First they were upset, but once they saw their toys organized on shelves, they were able to see what they had. They were able to find toys that they forgot they had. By creating space, they were able to see what was available to them… AND they were excited about all the money they’d make with the old toys. (Can you say Minecraft?)

It’s the same thing in life.

When you start to create space in your life, you’re able to see more of what’s available to you.

When you create space, you’re able to tune into your intuition and vision, focus on what’s most important and have the energy to live your soul purpose. When you create space, suddenly you’re able to see the opportunities around you.


If you’re running on a schedule, jumping from thing to thing, when your intuition nudges you, you won’t hear it. You won’t see it.

You have no space in your mind to receive it. 

Just last week my intuition kept popping a friend in my head. I texted her, planned a lunch date and it was a deeply healing lunch for us both… tears, laughter, deep connection. There have been many times when I felt the urge to call someone and I picked up the phone. There have also been many times I’ve heard the nudge and don’t do anything, because I was too busy. What did I miss?

Without space, there is no wiggle room for spirit.

feet of a girl relaxing in a hammock in the backyardCreating space for meditation, prayer, and stillness are ways to open up to spirit. When I think of meditation, I think of deep listening. When I think of prayer, I think the same thing… tuning my thoughts in my mind to align with spirit. Even Jesus, would teach and need a break… Need to have some space.

Space is a part of everything. Space between stars and planets, space between joints, space between sound and silence in music. Feng shui organizes space and furniture. Your body needs space when it sleeps at night.

Space is the place for rest, reflection, inquiry.

It is the place of creativity and a springboard for your intuition. Space is a mini retreat for your soul.


Where do you start?

1) Five minutes

When you first wake up, give yourself five minutes. Don’t look at your phone, don’t start thinking of everything you have to do, just give yourself five minutes to create space. Pray, meditate, set your intention, breathe deeply, ground, journal, draw. Whatever works for you. (This week I started Deepak and Oprah’s 21 day meditation challenge. You’re welcome to join me.)

Let this be the space for your spirit to share messages with you. You’ve just come out of dream time and you’re still open to that space. Let yourself blend into your day. Take the messages that you’ve gotten while resting and bring them into your day.

What if you spent five minutes every day creating space for the new you coming?

2) Living Meditation

In Nia, one of our practices is Living Meditation: Notice the spaces in your day, the part of your life that is resting while everything else is moving. When standing at your sink washing your dishes, notice your feet resting on the earth. Focus your attention on what is resting. Gain energy from that place. Notice space while driving your car. Notice space while waiting in line at the supermarket.


3) Power of Presence 

Relaxing girlWhen I was breast-feeding Sage, I learned to appreciate space. He would eat for an hour, sleep for two and be back up eating again the next hour. While this was really sweet at first, pretty soon, with the disarray of my house and growing to do list, I started wondering how I could leverage my time. How I could breast-feed holding my baby with one arm while reading a novel or writing with the other? It worked for a while, but I noticed I felt more tired. When I tried to multitask, I was taking my focus and spreading my energy out.

There is power in being present.

Women are known for being multi-taskers. We can fold laundry, cook dinner, and hold a baby all at the same time. Very convenient except when it comes time to focus. When I work with women who are following the entrepreneur or artist path, I notice a lot of their energy gets spread thin and they struggle to complete tasks… they may be starting a blog, organizing a workshop and working on lead generation. Because they are focused on so many different things at once, they get stuck or move at a snails pace.

By getting present and laser focusing, you’ll have more energy.


Comment below. In what ways do you create space in your life. Why is creating space to tune inwards important to you?

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