How to motivate yourself when you feel stuck


Have you ever started something and not finished it? 

What stopped you?


You get busy?




You don’t feel like it any more?

Your mind take you out? Tell you you’re not good enough?


I wanted to be a Nia teacher (think Yoga meets Tae Kwan Do and Dance). I wanted to quit my corporate job and teach people how to BE in their bodies. I took trainings and learned routines. I even taught 1 class a week at the local Y to get some teaching under my belt. I looked at locations to rent space and clubs to pitch. I came up with “plans” on how to make money. I even came up with marketing ideas, flyers I’d post, etc.

But you know what? I DIDN’T step up.

I stayed in my corporate job.

I continued thinking about it but didn’t move forward until… (read more at end).


A few years later I wanted to be an artist. I wanted to share my work with the world. I took trainings and learned technique. I taught a small circle of women how to paint a background to get some teaching under my belt. I looked at locations to rent space and partners with whom to collaborate. I came up with “plans” on how to make money. I came up with marketing ideas, flyers I’d post, etc.

This time I DID step up.

I declared myself an artist.

I stopped just thinking about it and stepped forward.


You know the difference between these two times in my life?



There is only so far you can motivate yourself before you get tired or scared or don’t feel like it anymore.


When I was planning to be a full-time Nia Teacher, I’d be fine thinking about it, but when it came time to pitch a club, I’d freak out imagining having to perform for a committee. When I needed to sign a lease, I’d weigh the options back and forth until I talked myself out of it, coming up with reasons it was better NOT to do it. (The mind is so tricky.)


Think about exercise.

When I’m doing my yoga DVD at home and I am holding downward dog, I do… until I’m tired. When I’m in a yoga class with a teacher and a roomful of students, I hold that pose a lot longer. I know you know what I’m saying here.


By being in a community, we push ourselves.

By being in a SUPPORTIVE community, we push ourselves until we’re tired and then they help carry us.


Let’s be clear here. A supportive community is a group that sees you already in your greatness. A group that holds your vision and your dream for you when in the midst of fear you forget why you want something in the first place.


When I wanted to be a Nia Teacher, I was operating on my own. I didn’t share my struggles or vision with the teachers and mentors around me. I was living small. When I wanted to be an artist, I was part of a community that already saw me as one. We visioned together and declared each others awesomeness. When I was scared, they cheered me on.


Who do you have in your life that already sees you in your greatness? That holds your vision when you forget, are tired or scared?


Look around. Your supportive community may NOT be your current friends or family. I know that can suck. If you have shifted, your friends and family might not have caught up or might still see you the way you were. It might be time to start looking for others like you… visionaries, dreamers, positive people.

Who do you want in your supportive tribe? Create your own.


If you are looking for a community, consider joining ours.


Next month I’m leading an amazing group of women on a 6 month transformational journey. I’d love you to join us. We’re starting in soon so if you’ve been on the fence, it’s time to check it out. Seriously. Stop. Waiting.


… Also, to finish my story, I started renting my own space when I moved to Hawai’i with the support and vision of my Nia sister Megan.


Leave a comment below and let me know what support you have in your life.


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