how to let abundance in.


Ready to free up your creativity?
Ready for abundance to flow in?

The last couple weeks I’ve been on a purge. Decluttering. Letting go. Making space for abundance to come in.

I first learned the power of decluttering and abundance from Denise Duffield Thomas best-selling author of Rich Bitch, Lucky Bitch. I noticed at one point my relationship with money wasn’t working. I’d get some, then it seemed like it was gone again. Here, then gone. I knew I had to work on my relationship with it so I started working with Denise in her Lucky Bitch Money Boot Camp. One of the first things she had us do was declutter. It frees up energy. Energy that is locked in place.

Anytime I’ve decluttered, abundance has flowed in. Last time I cleaned out my studio, $3000 came in 2 days later. When I cleaned out my closet, a new private client started. I just cleaned out my paperwork and more abundance flowed in.

Everything around us is energy. Things, thoughts, even people. We are all vibrating. We are all energy.

Sometimes we just need to make space for the new things to come in.


One of the first steps I take my clients through in the Productive Creativity Program is decluttering. Decluttering things, decluttering thoughts, and decluttering their creative projects. How can you expect your creativity to show up when it’s occupied with half finished projects?

My favorite way to declutter:

My favorite way to declutter is using the Konmari Method. (Loads of YouTube videos on this as well as her book The Life-changing Magic of Tidying up). This method was developed by Marie Kondo, a Japanese woman who takes organization to the next level. The idea is to go through your things and if something sparks joy, you keep it. If it doesn’t, you let it go. Pretty simple. But really hard.


Just like with our half finish projects, there are things we don’t want to let go of. We have pants that will never fit into again. We have textbooks from our schooling and certifications. We have a gazillion little soaps and shampoos from our travels. I realized when I started looking at all these things, a lot of them didn’t spark joy. A lot of them instead sparked the feeling of someday. Someday I’ll finish that painting. Someday I’ll use reference that book. Someday I’ll wear those clothes. Someday I’ll use that soap. Sunday doesn’t spark joy. Someday makes me feel like I’m not measuring up. Makes me feel like I’m not there yet. 

Ready? This is how to get started: 

1. Go to your studio, open a drawer or walk in to your closet
2. Pick some things up and ask yourself, Does this bring me joy? Feel it in your body. Does it feel light or heavy?
3. If it feels heavy, let it go. Give that half finished painting away. Give the clothes to Goodwill. Give the textbooks and soaps away.
4. Finally, track your income (both $ and value). Celebrate what comes in once you’ve made room for it. If you want more info on tracking and creating abundance, check out this article from Denise here: How to Track Your Income to Create more Abundance.


Share below in the comments. What are you going to let go of to make room for something new?


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