Here’s What I Learned Lying in Bed…

I am tired of the masculine way of pushing. It’s exhausting.

It’s time to unleash ourselves from the old messages

  • Self care should be at the bottom of your to do list
  • In order to be successful, you have to work hard
  • In order to get things done right, its better to do it yourself
  • You have to wait until the “right time” to start living your passion and purpose

photo 1These messages keep you stuck and small. They keep you playing the masculine way… the I’m gonna control it, push and make it happen way. And gosh darn it, as I was lying in bed, I realized I bought into those lies again. Ugh.

Sickness a bit like death or getting fired. It is a shake up and slowing down. It makes you reevaluate and look at things. When someone dies, I think about the legacy they left (or didn’t) and then start thinking about my own life and the legacy I want to leave. I think, what is the point to my life? When you lose your job, same thing. It is a forced pause.

When I was sick, I was too tired to work. My mind was thinking of all the things I should be getting done, but my body was telling a different story.

Sickness forces you to tune inwards and listen.

The past couple months I’ve been pushing my business. I’ve been taking breaks to nurture myself through creativity and movement, but what I wasn’t allowing was real rest. I was working on overdrive for a long time, amazed how much I was able to accomplish, but at the same time, there was a dull ache around my heart.

My heart was aching to slow down to natural time, to listen to the wisdom of the earth and my spirit. And my spirit was calling for deeper connection.


What’s important is when you get the messages, you listen and take action.

photo 4

What good does it do if you hear the calling of spirit, you feel a deeper pull to make a change in your life and you do NOTHING?

It would be very easy to feel better and jump back in, getting everything done I need to, but I know it’s time to really walk my talk in a deeper level...

It’s time to live my life from a renewable, loving, feminine space. 

Can you run a business, get things done, make money, and still nurture yourself? YES!!!

There is an old paradigm, an old way of thinking that tells you to work hard for your money, hard work equals dedication, hard work is required for excellence.


Is it possible that this is totally not true?

What if there is a flow?

What if there is a time to plant seeds and a time to harvest?

A time to go and stop?

What if you can listen, tune inwards and hear when it is your time?

How will your life look different?


What if you didn’t have to get sick to learn the lesson? 

I have clients who are really sick… like dying of cancer sick. Through their sickness they’ve learned they HAVE to slow down and tune inwards. Their sickness is a gift to listen to their intuition, discover what is really important and decide how they want to live. They know, if they don’t, if they override the messages, they’ll get sick again.


Leave a comment below. What messages are you overriding?

And if you’re like me and you’re ready to live life the FEMININE way and are done pushing, ready to shift the old messages and create the life you want from a place of flow, click on the “contact” button on the bottom right and schedule a quick “Woman Unleashed Check-in Call.” Let’s get you in the flow.

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