have you done enough?

Once you have healed enough, it is time to help with the healing of others.

I remember the first time I heard this was from my painting mentor Shiloh Sophia the first year I was working with her.

I began painting just for me. It was the first selfish decision I made as a mother; to take a painting and writing course and spend that money on me. Looking back now, I can see it was one of the most unselfish things I could do. That was the beginning of my healing journey, a journey that would completely shift my relationship with my husband and kids. Because I truly learned to listen to my heart.

Maybe you can relate.

Maybe like me you were on your own healing journey. Maybe your journey was instigated through movement or art or healing or prayer or a great book or a women’s circle. Maybe you are reclaiming your shadow pieces. Maybe you’re reclaiming your voice. Maybe you’re finding the courage to let go of the things of the past, forgive yourself and move forward.

My healing journey began with a paintbrush and a pen.shilohandme

I learned to write a new story. To stop being the victim of what life was handing to me, but instead to actually create my own life. And it was deeply confronting to look at what I had created. By being silent. By doing what was expected. By following the white picket fence script.

So that first year, I learned to start speaking my truth. I learned that if I didn’t speak it, I would weather and a part of me would grow dim and if I wasn’t careful that part of me might never come back again. I learned to start loving the pieces of myself that felt broken and ugly. As I painted I started coming back, like someone who had been lost on a long journey and finally found her way home.


And this brings me to my point.

Once I had healed enough, once I started using my voice and finding my spirit and coming home to myself, I felt a calling to share with others. To help other women do the same. What about you?

Do you feel this calling? Do you know you’re meant to help others? Do you know and maybe are scared to step forward?

If you feel this, don’t wait.
Don’t put it aside.
Don’t stuff this voice down.
Listen to her.

If you are feeling the calling to help others heal I want to share one of the most powerful programs I know of, The Color of Woman training with Shiloh Sophia.

This training is the foundation for what I share with you now. It will help you blend whatever healing you have done and share it with women through intentional creativity.

You don’t need to be an artist.
You don’t need to know what you want to do.
You don’t need to have business experience.
Or experience holding workshops.

You just need to hear the calling.

Shiloh leads this training only once a year. The first step is to go to this page and check it out. One of the most powerful steps is to fill out the application whether you decide to do the training or not, it is a deep dive and will give you information about yourself you would never otherwise have come up with. Right now, is early-bird application. By filling out an application now, you have the opportunity to join the training at a much lower cost.

If you are curious, or your heart is speaking, or you have butterflies in your stomach, click here and check it out.

People are waiting.

And if you have any questions, this Friday at 7a Hawaii, 10a PT, 1p ET, 6p London, 7p Italy, 4a Sydney in the Woman Unleashed Circle, I am holding a live Q&A session. Bring me your questions. I’m gonna share what I learned as well as answer any questions you have.

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