Giant Permission Slip to Do Whatever the Heck you Want

I spoke with a beautiful woman today who is making her transition from corporate to a path that embraces her creativity and artistic talent. Just like anyone making a career transition, she has some hesitations… How will she pay her bills? Can she really do it? At one point in our conversation she said, I guess I want to feel support and permission to do it.

So here it is…. your GIANT permission slip to do whatever the heck you want:



What are YOU are waiting for permission to do? 

Paint that painting, write that book, dance, take the yoga class?

Leave your responsible career for something you’re called towards?

Leave the kids and hubby at home and do something with your girlfriends?

Start the business?

Move halfway across the world?

Spend time doing what YOU want to do?

Spend money on something you’d like?


We need permission when we want to do something, but we’re just not sure… What if it all goes to the crapper? What if it’s selfish? What if…

It’s really about TRUST.


tribe.web_.firstplaceWhen I first decided to put my artwork in a gallery, I was terrified. What if they didn’t like it? What if my work wasn’t up to the other standards? Who was I to hang my work and call myself an artist? If it was up to me, I’d still be closet painting.

My mentor and friend Shiloh Sophia was my Permission Slip. She told me I could do it, my work was amazing. She believed in me. I went into the gallery with her belief in me and texted her when my first painting was hung. She believed in me when I submitted my work to a juried show. She believed in me when I had my first solo showing.


So if this Permission Slip gives you a little courage, a little umph to trust yourself and do what you want, what you’re called towards, YES! Do it.

I believe in you.


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