Get on the No Diet and Find Out What You Really Want

I’m a nicer person when I’m on the No Diet.

In last week’s Overwhelm Detox post, I shared part of reducing overwhelm is cutting things out that aren’t as important. That way you can create the life you want. Cut out things from your calendar so you can start living your days feeling the way you want.

You know what happens though… Something else comes up and next thing you know your calendar is just as full as it was before you cut stuff out. Grrrrrrrrr.

This is the perfect time to start your No Diet.

This may be hard if you are a….

  • People pleaser:  What will they think if I say “No”?
  • Perfectionist: A good mom/wife/woman should be able to say Yes to everything.
  • Achievement Junkie: If I do it, people are gonna give me mad props.

Ladies, if you’re cringing just thinking about saying No, that’s ok. Baby steps here. I’m a BIG fan of baby steps.

Let’s start off by sharing why its such a good idea to go on the No Diet:

  1. Less overwhelm, stress, and snapping
  2. More joy
  3. No missing what’s most important
  4. Your hair doesn’t fall out (as much)
  5. More time to contemplate what you’d like to do beyond survive

No Diet

Step 1: Just say no.

Yep, that’s about it. Practice makes perfect so when you are first starting off, say no to everything. Can you host a women’s gathering? No. Can you help in (name a kid and their after school activity)? No. Can you help in (name a kid and their classroom)? No. Can you volunteer at the community fundraiser? No. Can you help watch my five kids and your three? No. Can you drop me off at the airport? No. Get the idea?

Are you thinking… I can’t just say No. It’s rude. What will people think? etc.

I give you a GIANT permission slip to say: “No. Thank you for asking. I’ll let you know if anything changes.” Does that feel nicer?

Step 2: Check inward and decide if you REALLY want to. 

I mean later… like the next day or a couple days later. Then, and only then can you say YES. This is all about breaking patterns. With that person standing in front of you or on the phone you can’t tune inward yet to decide what YOU want, what is best for you and your family, what will give you that inner feeling you desire.

So, how long do you stay on your No Diet? This diet is all about you connecting more deeply with the life you desire. Stay on as long as you need to. You can always come back to it.

BE STRONG. You can do it.

Let’s leave overwhelm behind. Comment below and let me know a situation you wish you HAD said no or another graceful way you say no.

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