fitting you back together

I wanted to share my heart with you, like if you and I were hanging out here together. ‘Cause we are. Virtually.


Sister, do you have trouble fitting ALL the pieces of yourself together?
The masculine get-shizzle-done part and the feminine intuitive-creative part?
I do. And I teach it.


Sometimes I feel like Humpty Dumpty who got all cracked up and now is looking for how to fit myself back together.


Yesterday I was talking to a friend (who is also an über successful business babe). She mentioned how she is in the DOing of life and gets tons of sizzle done, but she really misses her adventurous, sensual BEing side. Kinda feels like she cuts that part off. She loves teaching sales and business AND she loves dance parties and going to burning man. So we started asking, How do you blend both?


Do you ever feel that way? Like you have to cut a part of yourself off? Or hide a part in certain company?




When I first brought my business online, I didn’t know how to bring all of me. So instead I brought the part I thought I should be bringing- the serious business woman. The one who was in control. Professional. I looked around at who I thought was successful, and tried to be them. I tried to make my programs like them, model my business like theirs. The thing is, that totally failed.


That wasn’t me. And people can sniff out when something’s is fishy or off.


I’m wild and like dance breaks in my teaching.
I’m creative and not the beautiful kinda creative but the imperfect kinda creative.
I’m spiritual. I pray before I send my emails and bless clients before I get on the phone.


So I used to be all worried about this stuff. Seems unprofessional. What will people think?


And that’s what keeps you from being ALL of you: What will people think?


Here’s the deal, if you’re totally you, there will be people that don’t like you. That’s also true if you try to fit in and play perfect.


Some people hate my dance breaks. Don’t like my clothes. Think I talk too unprofessionally. Think I charge too much. And some people LOVE me. Think I’m being real, being me. Happy to work together.


So honey, we’re in 2017.


I’m offering you a loving challenge. What part of you are you going to bring back? Unleash into the world? What part of you is asking to come out?


For me, MORE spirituality infused in my business. MORE heart.
What about you?


Tell me in the comment box below.


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