Feeling Unclear? Stop Listening to Everyone Else and Guide Yourself

Sometimes it feels like you’re in charge of everything… your job, your home, your kids, your partners, your finances. Every day you’re making decisions and there is a tremendous amount of responsibility to make the “right” decision. It feels heavy. In those times, it’s common to turn to others.

There are experts, guides, coaches, authors, gurus and people with opinions out there. You can spend all day reading books, doing e-courses, listening to interview series, talking to others. You can open yourself to a huge amount of information and learn from the wisdom of others, but there is power in being your own guide.


No one knows you like you. When you listen to others, you are letting outside information come in. Sometimes, you start to feel confused. You’re not sure. It’s kinda like this…

When I was an exchange student in high school I had a boyfriend. He treated me like crap, but I liked dating someone a couple years older than me who could drive. And he was sexy. Anyhow, months after we had broken up (I’ll save THAT story for another post), I was at a party and he wanted to get back together. My friends had all sorts of differing opinions…. Amber, he’s changed. He really loves you. He understands now how much he hurt you. When I stopped listening to my girl friends, I KNEW my next step. Out. No looking back.


There is something kinda seductive about listening to everyone and their opinion, being in the drama. Weighing the options, the “right” actions, making lists… positives and negatives. But what about letting the information bubble up from your insides? But here’s the thing: You’d be totally responsible. No one to blame but yourself if the shit hit the fan.


So you might be saying… I can’t access my intuition. Here’s why… You’ve drowned it out… under emails, Facebook, your schedule and what “makes sense.” Another reason is that you DO hear it but you immediately discount it because it doesn’t make sense. And your brain is all about making sense of things.


You want clarity on your next step? Here are 3 steps I use to tune in to my intuition…

WARNING: This tool like everything else you’ve read or learned doesn’t work unless you do it. So don’t read this, think, Oh, that’s nice, and then ignore it. Ok?


Step 1: STOP and Take a deep breath

Stop the emails, phone calls, Facebook, books. Stop the outside information coming in. Give it break. Think of all of this as very LOUD noise. Your intuition is speaking but you can’t hear her. Quiet all the other voices down so you can hear your own.

Step 2: Put your hand on your heart and ask…

What is the 1 thing I can do right now to…. (fill in whatever you want to know here). Important! Listen to what your intuition says. The first thing that comes up.

Step 3: Just do it.

Do the 1 thing. Do NOT let your brain take over and say… Well, I don’t know if I should do that… or Who am I to… or start thinking of the 10 million steps down the line. Part of listening to your intuition is the peace it brings. You’re giving your brain a break from figuring everything out. Hallelujah!

In order to develop a relationship with your intuition, you’re gonna have to learn to trust yourself. Trust yourself one step at a time. Baby steps my darlings.


What is something you’re feeling unclear about? Leave a comment and let me know your next baby step.

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