Feeling Unclear? Here is 1 Thing I’m Doing to Start Making Decisions and Stop Waiting Around

Do you ever struggle to make decisions?

You go back and forth, back and forth wasting a lot of time and energy in the space of uncertainty  instead of moving forward.

This is what I’m doing right now to help me out of my pattern of uncertainty…

Uncertainty has been a pattern in my life for a looooooong time. I would be uncertain about everything from what to have for dinner, what I should focus my business on, to what I should price my paintings at.

I don’t think there isn’t a place to really make an educated decision but what I would do is different. I would go back and forth, weighing the options, taking the time to figure it out, but the thing is, you can’t figure the future out. So I’d go back and forth and I wouldn’t make any decision. I spent a lot of time and energy not getting anything done, not moving forward at all. That didn’t work.

So what do you do to get moving?

Practice making decisions quickly.

If you’re deciding what’s for dinner, don’t make it hard. Choose.

When you get up the morning, pick your outfit out and go.

If you’re choosing a logo, letterhead, website, tagline… choose.

Notice what changes for you.

I immediately noticed the extra time and energy I had. Who knew all the brain power it took to be in uncertainty and indecision. A LOT.

What happens if you make a wrong decision?

I don’t believe in wrong decisions. I believe in information. If I choose a cheese lasagna for dinner and my tummy freaks out because I am lactose intolerant, I can use that information the next time I make a decision. Next time no cheese.

Anyone out there like me? Going back and forth on decision making? Let’s do this together.

Leave a comment below and declare what decision you are making today.

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