Exhaustion and Overwhelm Detox 101

I just spoke with my 2nd mom yesterday. We had an AMAZING conversation about everything from life, to spirit, to God, to kids, to calendars, to trust, to… well everything. I shared how last week I was feeling overwhelmed, stuffing too much into my life.

Looking at it, I can see fear and overwhelm come from not trusting… not trusting the opportunities will be there if I say, “No.” Not trusting I am totally taken care of, that I don’t have to handle and control it all.

Can you relate?

Want to join me for an Exhaustion and Overwhelm Detox?

1) Decide your FEELING

What would you like to be feeling during your day. Happy? Calm? Peaceful? Abundant? Alive? Take a deep breath and choose the feelings you’d like to feel and focus on for the next 3 months.

2) Calendar Chop Chop

Go through and cross off what doesn’t fit with your desired feelings. Things you said YES to out of guilt or shame? Off with their heads! Things that leave you feeling sucked dry like lunch with friends that only talk about themselves (Shout out to you J!)? Off with their heads! Look at each item and ask, Is this going to make me feel closer to my intentional feeling or farther away (in overwhelm, guilt, exhaustion, fear).

I know some of you are saying, I CAN’T go back and undo commitments I’ve already made.

Listen, this is about empowering YOU. If you don’t want to undo something, can you delegate? Ask for help? Do something to make it easier on yourself? How CAN you make that event more pleasurable and LOVE-filled?

3) Fill it with what you WANT

Fill your calendar up with things that DO bring you your feelings. I love painting and writing in quiet, nature, birds, the ocean, dancing. These are things that bring me to my intentional feelings of ease and flow. What things do it for you?

Share your comments. Share your before and after calendars. Share a difficult conversation you plan on having or what you’re scheduling in.

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