Dreaming up miracles

Happy 2016!!!!!

I kidnapped my hubby Tony for an end of the year date night. Each year we get together for an overnight, celebrate what we did the year before and vision our upcoming year. We have been doing it for years and I LOVE that time with him. Dreaming up our miracles…


This year on our miracle list… taking 2 months off, kids to Disneyland, 4 weeks abroad as a family, a couple vacation, running 2 live retreats, continue working with and finding amazing clients and write a book. (We’ve got more, but this is a good teaser).

​The thing is sometimes it can get a bit foggy in-between the dreaming of miracles and the making of miracles. 

This is the time of the year when you are dreaming. When you are open. And yet somehow in between the dreaming and the making of miracles, disbelief comes in. Reality comes in. We talk ourselves out of what we want and end up closing ourselves off.

know miracles are real. They happen to regular people on a daily basis. And there are ways you can manifest miracles, if you are willing to try.  But most people end up going in circles of frustration and give up on their biggest miracles and dreams. I don’t want this to be you, soooooooooooo…

I met up with my friend/mastermind sister/roomate Allyson Chavez and we talked of ways to not only make miracles but to LET THEM IN… not to push, but to flow with the divine. Allyson was on Woman Unleashed Summer Session and had some raving fans from her session on miracle making and talking to your angels. She’s an energy worker, healer and one of my favorite people to vision with.

So with a heart wide open, wanting you to make your miracles happen this year, I’m inviting you to the online event: Make Your Miracles~ Discover the simple secrets to creating your miracle life


During my session I share how to tap into your feminine power and specific exercise to awaken your creativity. I also share an offer for a painting class at a waaaayyyyyyyyyyy reduced rate, a class I filmed for a private program, one I’ve never shared before.

So pop on over join me and 34 other top professionals in their field at the FREE Make Your Miracles telesummit. We’ll get “down and dirty” with the process of making miracles. It’s more practical than you may think. Aaaaaaannnnd a whole lot simpler than you’ve experienced miracle making in the past!

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