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I haven’t always been creative. I used to believe it was a gift given to a select few at birth. That’s. not. true.


Creativity is something everyone is given at birth. It is a part of your make-up. Part of your path. Your purpose. The way you’re wired.


The thing is if we’re not careful, we’ll start to believe stories that keep us from creating. Stories like:
I’m not creative
I don’t have time to create
I need to spend my money on more important things
Spending time on my creativity is selfish
No one would like my work anyways
Creativity is a waste of time.


Enough! Those stories keep us small. They keep us from our birthright. And if you’re not careful, they’ll keep you from doing what you are meant to do. And maybe like the women I’ve spoken to in their 70s and 80s you’ll finally wake up and realize your creativity is important. And your story will be:
Why didn’t I do this sooner? 
Why did I waste my time worrying what others thought?
Why didn’t I at least try?
Take the time earlier?


I wanted to create something for you to help get you creating now. To help you move through those stories and excuses. Something to get you back on the creative path. When I started looking at what to create, it had already been created. So I partnered with Tamara Laporte of Willowing Arts to get (and keep) you creating.


LifeBook 2017 Doors Open Today 
Weekly art lessons from different art instructors all over the world.





Think you’re not creative or don’t know how to create?
You’ll get weekly art lessons from teachers all over the world giving you step by step instructions. No previous art experience needed.


Already creative and want new technique?
Each of the 24 teachers are teaching in their own style, using their own techniques. Think of it like art school from lots of teachers.


Don’t have enough time?
You’ll SAVE time. The lessons are recorded so you can watch anytime. The materials list is all put together. All the time thinking about what to do or create is taken out of the equation.


Don’t have enough money?
Cost is $125. Seriously this is the CHEAPEST online art class I’ve ever seen. She should really be charging at least $2000.


This year I’ll be teaching a couple sessions including a new one I’ve created just for the course: Unleash the Intuitive Warrior~ A Journey in Paint. Your Intuitive knows how to listen deeply to spirit and the calling of your heart. Your Warrior knows how to hold focus and take action on your desires. You need both sides to create change. Sounds yummy, right?


If you’re tired of waiting and
Are ready to start creating now,



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