Don’t Wait to Get Laid Up to Start Listening to Your Body

I’m starting to feel better. After being knocked on my butt by a nasty flu, I’m coming back to the land of the living. Virtual love and healing welcome.
Being so sick, I learned how to ask for help and rely on my friends and family at a whole new level. Tony was out of town and I was flying solo… kids and I while I could barely get up.  I know when I am sick there is always a deeper lesson.
As I laid in bed, I thought…

Why did I have to get laid up? 

What am I meant to learn?


One thing I learned was the power of surrender. My mind was battling my body. I had things to get done and this flu was totally inconvenient. By letting go of any agenda, I found a deep sense of calm. All my angst sweated out in the bedsheets and I was left limp. I had let go.

Can you relate?


This week my video is all about…
How to Listen to Your Body BEFORE You Get Laid Up



One tool I use to check in with my energy level is my posture. If I hold my posture the way that feels most natural… not the way I am supposed to, but the way I feel, I can get a pretty good reading of my energy level.


Take a moment and tune in right now. Where is your energy level?
Now, are you going to listen? What can you do to increase your energy?


Take a nap.
Drink some water.
Eat some energy rich food.
Have sex.


I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment. Let me know where your energy is at and what tools you use to tune in and energize when you’re feeling tired.


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