Do you need to recommit to your dream? Try the Spring Dream Reboot

Do you need to recommit to your dream? Now is the perfect time.

It is Spring Equinox. We are half way between the Winter and Summer Solstice. Winter Solstice is all about tuning inward and deeply listening. It is a time to nurture ourselves and hibernate. This is the time we look at the year before and take stock of what we have learned, and set intentions for the upcoming year.

Spring Equinox is a time to take stock of your dreams

What seeds do you want to plant?

What do you want to uncover?


What weeds do you want to pull out?

What things are not serving you right now? Relationships, projects…

This is a check-in.

From the beginning of the year (when you set your intention) until now, how are you doing? What do you want to adjust? What do you want to totally let go of and what are you ready to re-commit to?

Let this be a re-boot.

Let your energy follow that of nature. Enjoy sewing seeds for your dreams and vision.


Leave a comment below. What are you sewing? What do you want to weed out? What ways do you re-commit to your dreams?

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